If Children Are Never Exposed To Risk, They Will Never Be Able To Cope With Risk - Essay Example

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The author of the paper "If Children Are Never Exposed To Risk, They Will Never Be Able To Cope With Risk" will begin with the statement that resilience to risks that a child is meant to face in the future depends on the exposure to the risks…
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If Children Are Never Exposed To Risk, They Will Never Be Able To Cope With Risk
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Exposing children to risk help them to cope with the risk by developing resilience towards the risk’s effects, but may have negative effects on the development of the children physically, psychologically, and behaviorally.
Supportive Argument
Children have to experience managed risks to develop coping mechanisms. Children that are exposed to risks become more successful in resisting and overcoming life situations that are stressful such as poor performance in educations (, 2015). Children that are not exposed to free to socialize with various people develop people phobias as they grow, for example, they eventually lack the confidence to deliver a speech to a crowd. Children not exposed to risk have of mastery over life control, for example, children whose parents make all decisions are bound to have difficulties in sell control (Newman 2004).
Negative consequences linked to exposing children to risks are long-term despite being meant to help children cope with risks. Exposing children to risks such as criminal activities and drug abuse become violent and chronic juvenile offenders (Cho, 2014). Risks are cumulative, and its presence enhances the likelihood that it will emerge, for example, a child born in a family of alcoholic parents has a high probability of engaging in drug abuse (Newman 2004). Risk exposure is linked to various health and mental illness among children including depression.
Managed risk exposure to children forms a major aspect of a child’s ability to cope with the risk. Children exposed to risk can overcome stressful situations and accept real-life conditions. However, exposing children to risks may lead to long-lasting effects on the development of the child. From my point of view, children are at a better position of managing and developing coping mechanisms in spite of the difficult experiences from exposed risks. Children should not be excessively protected from risks that enhance their coping skills.  Read More
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