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Social Order - Essay Example

Social Order Paper [Pick the A social order is vital. We may not realize it but our society and our surroundings play a primary role in shaping our daily routines, habits and characteristics. Like in some families parents find it their obligation to check their children homework’s and schoolwork’s while for some other families attending dinners and other social event is way too important than their children. Thinking about the impact of society, culture and surrounding in our lives, last night I was able to pinpoint many personal habits which are highly influenced by my surrounding and social life. This includes my eating habits, my sleeping schedule and my social activities.
Two days ago, midnight craving hit me. It was 1 o’clock at night and I was starving so I came down and went to a kitchen. Now I was thinking what to eat. So I ended on deciding with fried eggs, French toast and a coffee. Before actually making all these things, a thing came into my mind like these all things are OUGHT to be eaten in breakfast, not at night or in dinners. I thought a lot and after a fifteen minutes of mental struggle I decided to make them. So I enjoyed my “breakfast” at night nearly at 1 o’clock. Next day I shared this with my family and friends and they all laughed so hard and ended on making fun of me for having such eatables at night. At that point I realized that even the smallest thing like our eating habits are so much influenced by our surroundings that just eating something at night which

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my family and friends eat in the morning had earned me a label of “freak”. Obviously it’s not like there’s a label written on every eggs packet, “forbidden eating at night”, its more our daily routines that we mostly eat eggs and French toast in our breakfast.
Apart from this my sleeping schedule is also influenced by my surroundings. My father is a highly disciplined and punctual man. He literally follows a mantra of “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. So my family is in habit of sleeping early at night. I on the other hand is in habit of sleeping late at night most likely my friends whom I often talk or text or reading a book or joining some friends on net chats at night. So what I concluded was that even living with my family who are early sleepers I still can’t get rid of sleeping late at night. Means individual choices can also be powerful more than society even if it’s not supported by everyone in a society.
So the thing is there are so many areas in which family is affected by society. Almost more than fifty percent of are habits are due to our society just like I explained above as our eating habits. But the thing is there are some exceptional cases where individual choices are so strong and powerful that even a particular surrounding can’t change it but that definitely doesn’t mean that society is not powerful.
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We may not realize it but our society and our surroundings play a primary role in shaping our daily routines, habits and characteristics. A social order is vital. We may not realize it but our society and our surroundings play a primary role in shaping our daily routines, habits and characteristics. …
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Social Order
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