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Effects of Unemployment and underemployment on social units - Research Paper Example

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In the current economic trend in U.S., underemployment and unemployment rates have raised, which has affected the economic progress. Lack of job opportunities forces individuals to work in whatever chance they get inconsiderate of over qualifications or underpayments and even the working environment…
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Effects of Unemployment and underemployment on social units
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Lack of jobs increases the dependency rate, reducing per capita incomes and forces people to live at poverty levels since they lack the income to cater for their basic needs (Kayafas, 2008). This issue will discuss the effects of unemployment and underemployment and its effects on the American family structures. It will discuss the effects of poor financial resources among Americans, challenges in maintaining family needs and in utilization of human capital effectively in businesses for profit maximization. Americans have experienced increasing rates of unemployment over the last four to five years. Due to the high rates of unemployment in the U.S., many parents have been unable to support their families and hence resolving for immoral ways of income generation. Prostitution and robberies become a way of earning finances to support the family needs. Due to such activities in the society, this has affected the mutual relations in families (Ferris & Stein, 2012). There have been many family break-ups resulting to raising children in single parent families. Single-parented children tend to feel unloved and unequal to others in the society since they do not get attention and love from both parents. Families where the couples have separated the society neglects them and even others are termed as misfits. In some cases, the parent also withdraws from their children, denying them parental love. The children are also discriminated by others leaving them depressed and without self-esteem. Such emotions affect interactions of children with each other and a decline in their academic performances (Magdoff, 2011). Underemployment and unemployment do not only affect the underemployed or unemployed, but the coworkers at times suffer from anxiety and heavy workload. This has been the case in the United States and as a result, many families loose attachments with their breadwinners. The families lack the solidarity, and this detaches each member of the family away destroying the mutual relations that existed before and may even result to unhealthy relations (Kayafas, 2008). Children, whose parents work excessively at work, lack the attachments and parent concern and this may affect their performance academically and even in social relations with other members of the society. Anxiety may result to mental defects and hence with time affecting the general output of the employer in production. Unemployed individuals go through a lot of depression, and low self-esteem, which when given time, may result to psychological problems hence contributing to low life expectancy. In the U.S., report shows that unemployed individuals died at a younger age compared to the stable employed individuals (Magdoff, 2011). It discussed that the decline in earning income resulted to poor health, uncertain meals, and due to anxiety, they became weak early and hence this drew them closer to mortality. The demographic pattern in areas with high unemployment had declined with the increased low paying jobs. Unemployment pushed individuals to consuming alcohol and other substances like bhang and cigarette smoking. For the pregnant unemployed mothers, they get depressed and this makes them give birth to underweight babies who are prone to contracting diseases due to their detrimental health. Children with unemployed parents may experience a decline in the individual well-being. Some children get depressed due to the change in emotions by their parents. Some undergo severe punishments hence more depression and this may trigger young children to get involved in criminal activities and substance abuse risking the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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