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In his book, Terrorism and Politics of Fear, Altheide asserts that all social change and expansion of social control occurs through an act of power, which he defines as the ability to control situations for self and others (Altheide, 15). When a situation is interpreted, the…
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, such a definition can gradually affect an individual personality and the life policy. In Terrorism and Politics of fear, there is a situation of panic caused by terrorism and bad politics. Politics can create a situation because of the power it wields (Fairholm, 50). Many people venture into politics for the sake of wealth and power. With the power, they are able to control the situations for self and the rest of society. It is worth noting from the onset that power is closely linked to the control of the situation as it gives the ability to control situations.
The power from individuals and channels such as the mass media can create fear. Fear functions, with terrorism, to change the social meanings, alter discourse and change humans’ sense of being in the world (Altheide, 215). After the 9/11, there was the emergence of advanced communication formats brought about by the advancement in information and communication technology. These technologies can create a simulation of something similar to the real world events of terrorism. When people watch these creativities, they sometimes believe that such events are real and develop a sense of fear and tension. So powerful is the media in creating situations that emotional audiences go to the extent of shading tears at a mere movie covering aspects of bloody terrorism.
The mass media also presents the pop cultures that cast propaganda and terrorism thereby giving the power to create a situation (Kemper, 89). The media are controlled by individuals and agencies that have power, and as such are able to define the situation of fear among the members of society.
Situations are defined and controlled by those who have the power to do so. Sometimes, this power is linked to wealth. Accordingly, the wealthy members of the society have the power to create channels that help in defining and controlling situations. One of such channel is the mass media. The effect of this channel in the definition ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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