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Critically Review a journal article - Essay Example

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In the present day, several firms understand the secret behind growth and have recognized the importance of evolving globally in order to expand their business. The trend towards expanding internationally has been vibrant since the preceding decade, although the pace of growth…
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Critically Review a journal article
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Extract of sample "Critically Review a journal article"

Download file to see previous pages but also looks towards studying the practices being innovated by small time entrepreneurs and managers of such firms so as to allow them to grow internationally.
In order to gather information about the related research, the authors of the article have mentioned that the evidence presented within it have been sourced from an extensive research project, which has focused on studying the internationalization of smaller firms engaged in the retail sector. the authors have further cited the deficiency of enough literature that could support their efforts, which has thus forced them to undertake the study along an exploratory pattern thereby allowing them to make the required interpretations based on a pre-conceived research paradigm. The research has made extensive use of data analysis techniques, wherein the inductive procedures used have led to in-depth and conclusive insights in addition to providing for an organized description of several SMEs that have found significance during various parts of the research. Further, several case scenarios have been used to allow the interpretation of patterns among companies, thus eliminating the occurrence of chance associations.
The companies that were included in the study from the retail SME sector were selected on the basis of specific criteria that allowed for companies only with £25 million to be taken into consideration. Further, such companies also had to have a minimum form of business operations outside the UK, where the external existence could be through any valid form of operations ranging from franchises to licensed outlets. In addition, companies that were in the early stage of operation were given due consideration thereby leading to the set of 17 such firms out of which 9 were studied extensively owing to their acceptance to participate in the research.
The study has shown that there was a pattern between the management cum decision making to encourage and nourish international expansion. However, given the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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