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Finance is basically used in every discipline including the field of research and project management. The objective of most projects is to make money and therefore finance is a fundamental discipline. Information technology is also…
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10 possible research questions
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Ten possible research questions Finance is an accounting language of business. Finance is basically used in every discipline including the field of research and project management. The objective of most projects is to make money and therefore finance is a fundamental discipline. Information technology is also associated with finance and accounting especially in preparation of financial statements. Information technology management provides security issues to financial institutions especially where online technology is involved. Legal and ethical issues are also major part of finance due to the need to ascertain all financial resources and business managers need to account for every coin spent in the execution process of the business project, as well as report the financial position to the stakeholders of the business. Hence a research in the field of finance is undoubtedly needed in order to answer the following possible research questions:
1. Who are the users of financial statements?
2. What are the standards observed in preparation of financial statements?
3. What are some of the security concerns of online financial transactions?
4. What is the usability of a finance course in the field of Information Technology?
5. What are some of the financial internal control measures used by financial companies?
6. What is the relevance of financial statements to stakeholders of a company?
7. Are there any laws regulating the act of financial managers?
8. What is the importance of financial management as a discipline?
9. What are some of the financial social injustices facing developing countries?
10. What are the legal and ethical concerns that direct financial management discipline?
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Sawyer, A. (2000). Accounting, information technology, and business solutions. Boston:
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10 Possible Research Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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