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The Lufthansa Airlines' Customer Preference Study - Research Paper Example

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The paper “The Lufthansa Airlines' Customer Preference Study” is devoted to the initiative of the global aviation industry brand to learn more about the expectations of business travelers to offer them cheap flight services. The company conducted a study to find out the optimal prices and services…
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The Lufthansa Airlines Customer Preference Study
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Extract of sample "The Lufthansa Airlines' Customer Preference Study"

Download file to see previous pages The growing number of multinational aviation firms across the world has also been increasing which increases the possibilities of business travel. A research methodology has been developed for the purpose of identifying the expectation of these travelers. It is mainly based on qualitative research. The questionnaire has been developed for this purpose. The questions framed mainly focus on the price effectiveness, quality, and nature of service that they would offer to the travelers in order to remain competitive in the market.
The airlines' industry has been growing at a fast rate. Its importance lies in the fact that it facilitates the economic growth of the nation, trade, and commerce, international investments, tourism. In short, it has become the focal point of the globalization occurring across the world. The condition and popularity of business travel have significantly improved over the years. As the number of companies is expanding internationally in terms of investments, production chains, supply and customers, business travel is also growing at the same pace (Kroo, 1999).
The present project aims to present a research methodology for Lufthansa Airlines in Germany which is to start a new service offering cheap flight services for business travelers. Before the development of the research methodology, a detailed analysis of the macro and microenvironment has been done. This is followed by a SWOT analysis. The research methodology begins with the research aims and objectives. This is followed by the development of the questionnaire which is targeted at the business travelers in Europe. The questions primarily cater to the nature and quality of services that are preferred by business travelers. The questions framed are primarily aimed to find out how effective it would be to develop the above service and what would be the features included in the service to attract customers. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Lufthansa Airlines' Customer Preference Study Research Paper - 1.
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