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IS628 Real-time Business intelligence at continental airlines - Case Study Example

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Active data warehousing is a method used for implementing data warehouse which greatly supports the process of decision making in either near-real-time or near-time. An organization or industry has to handle a huge deal of broad and in-depth coarse set of enterprise data. Active…
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IS628 Real-time Business intelligence at continental airlines
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Download file to see previous pages Based on the data collected by its active data warehousing program, the management team of Continental conducts a process meeting every day to discuss about the company’s progress. There exists a strong believe among the management team members that, a thing which cannot be measured, can never be managed. Therefore in order to keep in track with the experiences of their customers using the airlines, the management team members were solely dependent on the active data warehousing program. The company’s performance was analyzed by several factors such as their customer’s satisfaction regarding flight arrival and departure times, handling of baggage, and many more. Other areas were Continental Airlines used active data warehousing are airline security, operations of flight, revenue accounting and management, fraud detection, and others. In addition to traditional ways of using active data warehousing, Continental airlines used it differently for reconstructing their goals and making their airlines the most favorite choice for their customers. They made use of active data warehousing to the maximum possible extent to gain information regarding their customer’s experience as well as the company’s performance based on its implementation. The information gathered using the real-time warehousing program was interpreted in such a way that it helped the management team of Continental to make necessary changes to improve the experience of their customers and alter their entire business to match with the needs of their customers.
Continental Airlines was once at the verge of bankruptcy but achieved a turnaround after implementing some optimal strategies. Continental revolutionized its functioning by adopting strategies relevant to Business Intelligence. ‘Go Forward’ was the earliest plan adopted by Continental for revolutionizing itself. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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