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What is the Best Motivational Package for Philadelphia Co to Enhance Employee Productivity - Research Paper Example

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 The present paper analyzes the case of Philadelphia Company with regards addressing the issue of lack of motivation among the employees of the organization. The paper discusses the underlying reasons behind the lack of motivation among the employees of the organization…
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What is the Best Motivational Package for Philadelphia Co to Enhance Employee Productivity
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Extract of sample "What is the Best Motivational Package for Philadelphia Co to Enhance Employee Productivity"

Download file to see previous pages The age of competition has necessitated an urgent need for business organizations to go beyond analyzing the sales figures and business strategies but also ensure organizational excellence. In this regard, the role of human resource management becomes utmost important as human resources are the most valuable assets for any organization. It has also been stated in numerous researches that an efficient human resource base should be essentially motivated so as to ensure job satisfaction (Latham, 2007, p.93). These aspects involve considerable importance as de-motivated and unsatisfied employees’ leads to high turnover rates and also lead to inefficiencies in the organization.

In order to ensure greater productivity, it is necessary to ensure that workers and employees are consistently rewarded. It is also very necessary to ensure that there is the career development of the employees. The present study would analyze the reasons behind the de-motivation of the employees of Philadelphia Co that is a housekeeping company and has a small employee base of which most of the workers are from other nations like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The study would try to analyze the reasons behind their de-motivation and would also suggest plausible recommendations in order to ensure better productivity and increased motivation among the workers.

The three research questions would try to first analyze the effects of employee motivation on the levels of productivity of the employees. It would also try to analyze the possible reasons for the de-motivation of the employees by conducting an in-depth analysis of the research question and finally the research would also try to find possible solutions for imparting greater motivation among the employees of the organization so as to help generate competitive advantage.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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