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A highly reliable company serves at the interest of both the company and the employees of such companies. Most interestingly, a…
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Work, People and Productivity
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Work, People and Productivity Question According to Miller(2009), high reliability concepts enable organizations to achieve quality and efficiency in terms of the organizational goals. A highly reliable company serves at the interest of both the company and the employees of such companies. Most interestingly, a reliable business is where the management creates some change on the lives of employees. Moreover, it is within the principle mandate of the company to enhance competitiveness thus, it must incorporate within its success strategy, presence of the employees. Since high reliable businesses engage in questioning and interactive transformational process, it makes jobs more satisfactory by ensuring substantial reduction in the cost of recruitment. Furthermore, it enhances retaining of experienced workforce while motivating them to increase the productive levels of the business. As part of highly reliable company, I would be resilient and mindful towards motivating the employees on their duties while assessing the capabilities for assured performance.
The problem of high reliability and assertiveness has become an important issue towards the business development. As such, high reliability aims at ensuring that employees work under conducive environment that is free and fair to allow them have expansive thoughts on innovative elements vital to the organizational success. Based on the security concern of the overall organization, high reliability should prioritize on a culture of a better attitude. Such concentration aims to decentralizes and embrace decisions of reducing less productive members of the business. Based on ethics and humanity and as a reliability manager, I would use the authority bestowed in me to learn and change employees through incidents and accident free environments as illustrated by (Miller, 2009).
Question 2
Applying reliability ideas in an organization, I should remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic environment, as a leader will have to help employees learn to cope with the tension of conflicting aims in contrary having conflicting goals that cause confusion within an organization (Persil, 2014). Putting myself into the place of a reliable leader, I should identify both adaptive and technical problems like this form than foundation in tackling any problem that befalls leadership responsibility. Due to constant changes experienced within the business parameters, safety of employees has become a serious challenge to most leaders. Therefore, I should employ the best strategies that comply with the current conditions that would ensure sustained productivity while maintaining the workers up to date with the current workforce environment.
As an organizational leader, I should be able to help others become more productive by maintaining a positive attitude towards achieving specific organizational goals while encouraging employees that their ideas are quite vital to the organizational success. Moreover, the leader must be capable of depicting a character he expects from the followers. Leaders should be non-hypocrites, demonstrate explicitly what is expected from the followers and interact remorsefully with the followers. I would enhance awareness and dialog to allow members of the organization address questions affecting them. In addition, the leader should set expectations while avoiding mixed messages that might cause differences among the employees of the business thus reducing the productive levels of the business. As a matter of improving employees’ morale, a leader should be correcting employees’ mistakes privately to avoid embracement. Consequently, leaders should praise employees for recommendable job done in public as will not only enable the employee to maintain a level of productivity but also as an illustration to the rest to follow suit (Dyer et al, 2013).

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