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Shaken Baby Syndrome Literature Review - Article Example

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Ivan Blumenthal (2002) presents a discussion on the pathophysiology, clinical signs, management, investigation as well as diagnosis and its related outcomes and prevention measures of shaken baby syndrome. He attributes shaken baby syndrome…
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Shaken Baby Syndrome Literature Review
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Download file to see previous pages Mild clinical signs may include, but not limited to, irritability, lethargy and poor feeding whereas severe signs may include shock, convulsion and unconsciousness. Also, frequent shaking leads to skeletal and eye injuries such as posterior rib fractures and bilateral or unilateral retinal haemorrhages respectively.
Management, investigation and diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome entail skeletal survey and thorough investigation in ascertaining imposed injury. Emergency management would be provided in the case of an unknown cause in a seriously unconscious infant. Such management includes the provision of life support and the engagement of social services and the police so as to enable forensic examination. Differential diagnosis could also be applied in chronic subdural haematomas. Mortality and morbidity outcomes of imposed injury remain worse than accidental injuries. Similarly, poor outcomes relate to low Glasgow coma balance, length of unconsciousness and young age. It remains that the only sure prevention measure would be never ever to shake babies most notably in their infant ages. Hence, magnetic resonance imaging through diffusion weighting stays as the definite, most sensitive and fastest method of ascertaining a shaking injury (Blumenthal, 2002).
Similarly, the Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect (2001) provided a technical report regarding rotational cranial injuries in shaken baby syndrome. The Committee attributes shaken baby syndrome to violent shaking that leads to extreme acceleration of rotational cranial injuries in infants. Further insight into the contribution of parents and caretakers to shaken baby syndrome as well as the involvement of the community in management becomes evident in the report. Abusive behaviors from caretakers and parents may result from, but not limited to, unrealistic expectations of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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