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Children With Downs Syndrome - Book Report/Review Example

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Much of the fear about Downs syndrome children is perpetuated by people who have no real expertise on the subject. The writer of the paper "Children With Downs Syndrome" analyzes the article by Beverly Beckham, that devoted to discussing Downs syndrome…
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Extract of sample "Children With Downs Syndrome"

Children With Downs Syndrome
Before reading this article by Beverly Beckham, I must admit that I did not know too much about Downs syndrome. The little that I did know was mostly negative, and much of this feedback came from people who have never been exposed to Downs syndrome. Much of the fear about Downs syndrome children is perpetuated by people who have no real expertise on the subject. Beverly Beckham is one person who everyone should be listening to because she has experienced what Downs syndrome is really like due to her granddaughter having the disease. That in itself is a problem. I referred to it as a disease when it is something that the person afflicted has no control over at all. Because of the bad press surrounding Downs syndrome, it is reasonable to expect that most parents would not choose to have a child with Downs syndrome. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides of modern technology. While it is great that parents can see how their child could possibly be when they grow up before they are born, if this changes the minds of parents about giving birth, then there is no real benefit in prenatal testing. The author even admits that there are many activities that her daughter Lucy cannot participate in, but that does not stop her from enjoying life. Other people may be smarter and faster than Lucy, but no one has an appreciation for life as much as she does. It is my belief that Downs syndrome babies should be protected due to their right to live, and this may even include introducing laws if necessary. Read More
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Children With Downs Syndrome Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Children With Downs Syndrome Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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