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Down syndrome due to trisomy of chromosome 21 of the chromosome are inherited by the baby during conception. The condition is has genetic origins and it can not have a cure. Down’s condition is not a disease but a syndrome that comes with a myriad of various different health problems…
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Downs Syndrome
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Down’s syndrome Down’s syndrome occurs due to trisomy of chromosome 21 in the child that is three copies of the chromosome are inherited by the babyduring conception. The condition therefore has genetic origins and it cannot have a cure. Nevertheless there are treatments which can greatly help the children with downs syndrome to overcome their physical, cognitive and medical problems.
Down’s condition is not a disease but a syndrome that comes with a myriad of various different health problems. For example people suffering from Down’s syndrome often has complications in their thyroid and therefore they need medications that can substitute for the deficiency. Similarly anti-seizure drugs are necessary for patients that undergo seizures in this condition. Many of these children also suffer from internal problems that require surgery. More than 40 percent of the children that suffer from Down’s syndrome also have heart defects that need to be treated by a surgery (AAP Committee on Genetics, 2001). Sometimes surgical procedures for intestinal defects may also become necessary. Early intervention is one of the most useful ways to help the child suffering from this condition. Early intervention is a program that comprises of a combination of exercises and therapies, specifically designed to aid the children suffering from this disorder. Physical therapy and speech therapy are two of the ways that are used in the early intervention program. Most of the children suffering from Down’s syndrome have hypotonia, i.e. low muscle tone. These children need to be taught ways in which they can move improve their muscle tone and move their bodies in an appropriate manner (MA, 2008). The physical therapy is one way that ensures correct motor development for these children. Since face muscles are used during speaking, children also have problems in articulating their sentences. Low muscle tone coupled with small mouths and somewhat enlarged tongues makes it necessary for these children to have a speed therapy. In speech therapy, a therapist is in charge of the child and helps him learn to articulate. This may be done in several ways, the most basic of which is conversing. If the complications are serious, the therapist may teach the child sign language in order for him to communicate effectively.
The disease is hard to prevent since it is impossible to predict whether the couple will have a baby with Down’s syndrome although some people are at a higher risk of conceiving babies with the condition. The chances of having a baby born with this disorder, increase with the mother’s age. Women above the age of 35 are at a particular risk of having babies with this condition. Even though the genetic makeup of each child is independent of each other, women who already have a child with this condition have been observed to be more like to give birth to babies with Down’s syndrome (Stray, 1995). Also if someone else in the family has Down’s syndrome, then the chances of recurrence are there even though they are very small. It is impossible to prevent Down’s syndrome although it is not very difficult to recognize it. There are certain symptoms that are exhibited by most patient of Down’s syndrome although for confirmation, a chromosomal analysis is necessary. Children with Down’s syndrome have distinctive facial characteristics, like a small mouth or small ears
Down’s syndrome is a very serious condition that sticks for the whole of lifetime; therefore it is very important to give these children a loving treatment. If they are not given proper care, they may grow up to become socially inert and frustrated. Nurses are the only people that are in contact with these patients for a great deal of time after the children’s parents. Therefore nurses have a vital role in the growth and development of such children. The nurse is supposed to treat the patient with love and care even when the child is hesitant towards the nurse. This would allow the nurse to inculcate confidence, love and other emotions in the child’s mind. Also the nurse need to communicate regularly and effectively with the child as this would help in better development of the communication skills. The condition stays for a lifetime and the way the child is treated at an early stage is quite important for his mental development, therefore a nurse has an extremely important role in caring for a patient with Down’s syndrome.

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