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Name: Course: Date: Down syndrome Teaching children with Down syndrome is necessary to ensure that such students lead a normal life. There are various strategies that can be applied to teach search strategies. Inclusion is one of such techniques, where children with Down Syndrome are integrated to the normal learning as does other normal children as much as it can possibly be done…
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Downs Syndrome into a Mainstream Primary
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"Down's Syndrome into a Mainstream Primary"

Download file to see previous pages Down syndrome accounts for around 5-6% of intellectual retardation, though the mental retardation in children with Down syndrome is mostly mild or moderate. There are some characteristics that make a child with this disorder easily recognizable. Children suffering from Down syndrome or mongolism as it was traditionally referred are known to have a small body stature, protruding tongue, as a result of having a small oral cavity, thick folds in the corners of their eyes and having a low muscle tone. The condition is noticed in a child either during birth or in a prenatal screening. However, the physical conditions in children suffering from this condition differs greatly, with some children with Down syndrome requiring a higher level of medical attention while some just leads a normal life (Down, 1999 p259). Though the Down syndrome condition cannot be treated, health problems related to it can be treated, more so when they are recognized earlier before a child is born and help the child to lead a better life. The condition is related to a delay in the cognitive ability of the child and a slow rate of their physical growth (Beck, 1999 p24). Facial characteristics are the most common of the observable features in a child suffering from Down syndrome. ...
bstantial good care, that entails good family support, enrichment therapies and child’s tutoring, children with such a condition can live a better live and advance in their intellectual field to the point of completing high school level or even advancing to post secondary education (Dweck, 1999 p17). This is necessary to make the individuals lead a more normal life, while even indulging in paid employment. Such children suffering from such a disorder are highly prone to some health problems. These include obesity, recurrent ear infections, sleep apnea, and congenital heart defects. Such health problems mostly attack children suffering from the disorder, serving to worsen their lives, if not properly contained at the right stages, since they may lead to complete hearing loss, a lack of sleep and fatal heart diseases. There is therefore a great need to contain the disease, in order to enable the children born with such a disorder to live a better live. This can be afforded through granting the child a suitable care right from their birth, throughout schooling and in their lives after. Thus, the role of a parent and guardian, as well as of other child caretakers and the teachers is a very vital part of the life of a child suffering from this disorder, in making their lives worth living (Wishart, 2001 p64). There are some effective teaching methods that can be implored to integrate a child with Down's syndrome into a mainstream primary school in Ireland. For teachers to apply such effective methods, they need to understand the education needs of such children, learning the severity of such conditions on the child’s cognitive and hearing ability as well as the degree of mental retardation associated with the child (Kingsley & Levitz, 1994 p72). A higher number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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