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Effective Teaching Methods that can be Implored to Integrate a Child with Down's Syndrome into a Mainstream Primary School in Ir - Essay Example

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Effective teaching methods that can be implored to integrate a child with Down's syndrome into a mainstream primary school in Ireland Research Methodology Introduction In seeking to understand the effective teaching methods that can be implored to integrate a child with Down's syndrome into a mainstream primary school in Ireland, qualitative research was opted for as the research design…
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Effective Teaching Methods that can be Implored to Integrate a Child with Downs Syndrome into a Mainstream Primary School in Ir
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Extract of sample "Effective Teaching Methods that can be Implored to Integrate a Child with Down's Syndrome into a Mainstream Primary School in Ir"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, the application of qualitative research design is meant to match the requirements of the research topic, in that an in-depth understanding of the appropriate methods that teachers should apply to teach students suffering from this disorder is vital, for the benefits of the students. A vital aspect of qualitative research is that it emphasizes more on the particular case being undertaken, while making a few of general propositions (Stebbins, 2001 p60). There are various reasons as to why the research opted to apply qualitative research design. The research design is most appropriate for the topic under study, in that, qualitative research uses the natural setting as the source of information, where the settings and the environment of study is observed, described and interpreted based on neutrality (Wolcott, 1995 p25). Since the topic requires the observation of the educational needs of students suffering from Down's syndrome, and the consequent devising of the means, which the teachers can apply to address these needs, then the research design remains most relevant for the study. ...
rmation about the people and their environments, which is a necessity for this study, in that, there is a need to evaluate and understand all the relevance needs of students suffering from this disorder and the viable ways in which teachers can meet these special needs of the students. More reasons as to why qualitative research remains the most applicable method for this research, is the fact that, some aspects of study cannot be quantified. Additionally, there are those aspects, which are difficult to express in quantitative terms, such as the experiences that an individual has (Patton, 2002 p18). Therefore, qualitative research comes in handy to ensure that those relevant aspects of the study, which cannot be quantified, are investigated and their contribution to the study analyzed. Considering that fewer generalizations and assumptions are involved in qualitative research, then, it is possible to explore highly the area of study and generate hypotheses (Ziman, 2000 p86). Additionally, the application of qualitative method ensures the comfort of the participants, in that, they are allowed to present their own ideas, information and experiences in their own words and style, which seems more appropriate to them. The advantages associate with qualitative method of study is the fact that it afforded an opportunity to deeply scrutinize the responds and obtain a deeper insight and understating regarding the nature and educational needs of children with Down's syndrome. The method allowed an opportunity to obtain advice from people who had greater experiences in dealing with the students suffering from the disorder, among them a 30-year-old girl with Down's syndrome, who have gone through the mainstream education system. Better still; the method was easier to apply in that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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