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How Phisically Disabled Students Can Improve with Mobility - Research Paper Example

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Running head: FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY AND DISABLED STUDENTS How Physically Disabled Students Can Improve With Mobility Skill Training Name College Affiliation Abstract The study analyzed is the article shed light on the outcome that functional mobility focused skill training can help students with physical disabilities…
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How Phisically Disabled Students Can Improve with Mobility
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Extract of sample "How Phisically Disabled Students Can Improve with Mobility"

Download file to see previous pages How Physically Disabled Students Can Improve With Mobility Skill Training According to Barnes and Whinnery (2002), the study that they conducted and analyzed was based on how the Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE) curriculum impacted young students that had physical disabilities. Five students who were in elementary school were in the study test group to determine how this curriculum would help the them functionally walk despite their severe physical disabilities. Throughout this study, many tests and measures of the students' results were taken to see how if this newly-designed curriculum helped them progress in their learning process. Research Problem The problem addressed in this article discussed the issues of how Mobility Skills Training curriculum would help children progress physically, educationally and cognitively when the method of teaching was re-routed. Teaching young students that have severe disabilities can be difficult as they must overcome hurdles that other children do not. This analysis is imperative to help young students find new ways to grow and become better functioning students and in the future, adults so they will not be completely hindered because of their disability but instead make the most of their existing abilities. The hypothesis of this research is that the new curriculum will help the students progress and improvements will be recorded at the start, intervention and conclusion points of the experiment. Literature Review There are multiple points in the literary analysis by Barnes and Whinnery that can shed light on the background and necessity of the MOVE technique and how it could help students improve. One of the first key points is that all students regardless of their disability, if they are enrolled in a special education program, they are entitled to additional educational programs such as physical and occupational therapies. This is an educational minimum standard throughout the United States. According to research in addressed by this article, therapists in educational environments have training that fulfills the medical side of a students' needs that add to the already in place educational goal (Craig, Haggart & Hull, 1999; Dunn, 1989; Rainforth & York-Barr, 1997). Secondly, another main point behind this research is that therapists usually try to correct the students rather than advocate that their behaviors are actually a norm for them, therefore, trying to build a different quality of life where a child may feel less successful when compared to a mainstream 'normal' student (Campbell, McInerney, &Cooper, 1984; Fetters, 1991). Lastly, a major key point is that these basic therapeutic programs do not necessarily help to increase the development of their functionality in a normal setting, but instead are just taught to perform at a minimal functionality due to their disability. Their standards are typically lower because of their physical disability (Rainforth & York-Barr, 1997). Method Research Format This experiment is primarily qualitative because there is a complete, detailed aim rather than a measure to test statistics. The outcome was subjective because it interprets the events through observation rather than seek measurements and analysis. The MOVE curriculum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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