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Deviance - Essay Example


In general society views deviant behavior as negative and elicits condemnatory reactions to the discovery of such behavior. While many sociological theories frame deviance in judgmental and prosecutorial ways, other perspectives recognize deviance as occurring in potentially objective ways. One considers that, in many ways, it is possible to view deviance from the deviant’s perspectives, without judging it or excusing it.

When examining deviance from the deviant’s perspective one of the significant theories is control theory. Control theory indicates that an individual is motivated to follow social norms out of his or her strong ties to society (Macionis, p. 204). For instance, an individual with a full-time job and a family would be less willing to commit a crime than an individual that is struggling to find gainful employment. Rather than operating as a deliberate form of unethical or immoral behavior, for some people deviance may simply be a means of survival. because they find greater challenges in procuring gainful employment than other individuals.

While control theory examines instances of deviant behavior in terms of an individual’s weak or strong social ties, other perspectives consider it in relation to broader ranging responses to social constraints. This perspective recognizes that laws and regulations may be structured by people in society as a means of maintaining their social control (Goode, p. 110). For instance, one considers that powerful oil companies

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Of course labelling would have its own consequences on the criminals. To check the veracity of cited statement in the nineteenth century, young offenders’ life cycle in the northern Sweden is analyzed / examined. For a complete awareness, register of prisoners were investigated to be linked it with the Swedish parish records of the offenders.
20 pages (5000 words)Essay

The author states that deviance is considered negative for the society, but the functionalist theorists have a different perspective of deviance. Functionalist theorist believe that deviance helps in strengthens the society and members of a society learn about what are non-deviant and deviant behaviors due to occurrence of deviance.

5 pages (1250 words)Essay
Social deviance
Various stigmas arise due to the social deviance theory within the agents of the society, and some people can be regarded as socially deviant. The stigmas arising from the social deviance theory make the majority attach negative attributes to socially deviant individuals.
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Sexual Deviance
A paraphilia is a condition of compulsive response to, or dependence upon, an unusual and unacceptable stimulus in the imagery of fantasy, for optimal initiation and fantasy during solo masturbation or intercourse with a partner. (Coleman, et al., 1996)
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Sociology of Deviance
In this case, it is quite difficult to feel any sense of pity or consideration for the other person who is now seen as the ultimate enemy. . Deviant behavior is typically shown in
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Cultural Deviance theory
eviance theory, drug users belong to social networks that are same as the social networks of common people structurally as well as interactively (Whittaker and Garbarino, 1983, pp. 360-361). However, difference of values and beliefs between the two types of social networks makes
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Deviance project
Since killing someone is fundamentally against the acceptable practices, Ted Bundy’s practice characterizes him as a negative deviant. Ted Bundy killed over 14 female children and young women between 1973 and 1978 in different states of the US including but
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Deviance theories
he realm of psychology and psychological research is whether or not environment or heredity is the most determinant factor in helping to define and decide the way in which human individuality is evidenced. Although this debate has been raging for well over 150 years,
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Community Response to Deviance
Community organization contains rules and regulations that require enforcement. Every community develops a way in which dwellers can be able to live by the existing rules thus to enable uniformity and ensure objectives and goals are attained. On the other hand, deviance is part of human nature the reason behind the creation of rules and regulation.
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Healthy deviance

Deviance theory proposed by Durkheim has two concepts. Deviance is mostly part of society. Secondly, its natural and any cultural society must practice a form of deviance. The connection is that acts like swimming are natural and acceptable in society. At times, people deviate from swimming and find pleasure in other things like drinking alcohol.

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may be able to leverage their significant financial resources to enact laws that support corrupt practices.


Deviance refers to acts or behaviors that fall outside social norms. The occurrence of deviance has long been an area of investigation for sociologists as they seek to determine what the motivating or causal agents for deviant behavior are. …
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