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 This essay "Communicating Effectively: Style and Tone" discusses the results of a survey on customer satisfaction, regarding the price of the products sold by a company. Style and tone are significant determinants of effective communication within an organization…
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Communicating Effectively: Style and Tone
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Communicating Effectively: Style and Tone
The paragraphs under study evidently convey the results of a survey on customer satisfaction, regarding the price of the products sold by a company. The audience consists of the members of the company. Style and tone are significant determinants of effective communication within an organization.
Style is unique to each writer, and influences the reader’s impression of the writer, and the information presented. It should be appropriate to the audience, and reflect the purpose of the writing. In this context, it is clear that paragraph 1 adopts a good style. The sentences are well crafted, there is no repetition, and the information is presented clearly. A clear point is made with good word choice. A fact is stated in the first sentence, and this fact is then backed up by the following sentence. The audience is likely to accept the writing as a balanced, reliable piece of information. Paragraph 2 is unnecessarily long-winded. The second sentence is redundant. The use of the contraction, can’t, is not appropriate for a company report. The writer comes across as an opinionated individual, whose statements cannot be accepted at face value.
Tone reflects the writer’s attitude towards the reader. Here too, paragraph 1 wins over paragraph 2. In paragraph 1, the writer’s attitude is non-committal, and leaves the audience to evaluate the information presented. The matter-of-fact tone, and restrained language, is appropriate to the audience, and engenders respect. In the case of paragraph 2, the tone adopted is very subjective and emotional. The negative tone is not appropriate for a company report and comes across as rude, overbearing and discouraging. The tone appears to aim at igniting passion, and gives the impression that the writer is not emotionally mature. It is very inappropriate and ineffective in communicating the data.
Paragraph 1.
Regarding the prices of our products, respondents to our recent survey were negative. One third of them stated that if they could buy from another supplier, they would.
Paragraph 2.
Clearly we are making enemies with our high prices. Many customers can’t stand it. An astonishing one-third of the respondents to our recent survey would leave us if they could only find another supplier. Read More
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