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Importance of Instructions in Learning How to Write Effectively - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper examines effective writing which is the result of meticulous planning about developing and generating content and immaculately translating incomprehensible language the content that has taken concrete shape in the mind of the author. …
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Importance of Instructions in Learning How to Write Effectively
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Download file to see previous pages Writing, and writing effectively at that, is a skill, and like all skills, very few people are naturally endowed with fully developed skills of being able to write effectively. But almost all of us have the basic intelligence that is necessary for becoming an effective writer. It is only a matter of proper guidance, instructions and practice that can transform an ordinary writer into an accomplished and effective one. Overcoming the fear of failure and rejection and getting involved in concerted practice under proper guidance brings about tangible results within a reasonably short duration. (Turk & Kirkman, 1989, p. 14)
One must understand the basic fact that writing is simply another means of communication and should be suited to the audience for whom it is meant. Unless the message satisfies some query of the targeted audience, it would fail to generate either any interest or any enthusiasm and would never be an effective vehicle of communicating some idea or information.
The second most important aspect to be kept in mind is the language which should be such that it remains intelligible to the targeted audience. The message that has to be conveyed has to be done in a straightforward manner as possible. Any obfuscation of the basic message through mostly avoidable usage of technical jargon only manages to discourage potential readers and thus fails miserably in performing the task for which the document was written in the first place. This is possibly most evident in technical and scientific papers where at times the reader feels that the authors had forgotten that the basic aim of any form of writing is to communicate or convey certain ideas to a select group of people. Another reason might be that scientists and engineers often take cover behind the so-called “traditional” style of writing which is usually replete with an attempt to be absolutely accurate.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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