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A number of historical and modern day examples are considered. One of the first issues raised occurs in Alabama where a mayor openly promotes religious expression. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)…
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Download file to see previous pages The show also considers the nature of separation of church and state in a historical context. While individuals believe the United States was established for freedom of religion, it was actually established as a bastion for specific Christian groups. Only later, did notions of religious freedom development, as all denominations were able to hold public office and the Bill of Rights further contributed to human rights. Further designations and considerations are established within the state and religion debate.
In terms of my only response, there are a number of areas where I have developed viewpoints. I think from an overarching perspective the notion of the separation of church and state is a much-needed concept for the function of a healthy and successful government. One of the prominent considerations is the challenge of advancing one’s career in an environment where individuals must express religious affiliations. The notion of religious freedom is something that clearly must be guaranteed, as it would be terrible for the government to attempt to regulate people’s thoughts and beliefs. Still, the pervasive influence of religion in institutional areas runs the risk of oppressing others that attempt to refrain from religion.
Another major consideration is the understanding of religion in politics. I believe that the pervasive question of religion in Republican debates is entirely off-based. While questions of spirituality and meaning in life are important questions that should be asked of candidates, the process of asking potential candidates what their favorite Bible verse is represents not simply embracing God or morality, but works to align the individual with a mindset that goes outside the confines of the structure of American government. While not as extreme, I believe that in candidates touting their religion can even be compared to the alignment of individuals with communism or despotism within the confines of the American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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