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The object of analysis for the purpose of this assignment is cultural competence as part of multicultural counseling. One of the most effective strategies in a successful multicultural counselling session is to emphasize the strengths and identify the resilience of the patient…
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Cultural competence as part of multicultural counselling
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"Cultural competence as part of multicultural counselling"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in developing multicultural counselling techniques, understanding the cultural context of the situation and behavior is a primer. When various ethnic groups and minorities are involved, it is imperative to know the background of the person being treated. Psychotherapy and multicultural counselling involve very sensitive issues that lie not only the behavior of the person being treated but also in the depths of culture and society. One must have cultural competence, which includes awareness and sensitivity in dealing with people different from one’s race. Cultural competence is demonstrated through the following qualities: cultural sensitivity, an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity, cultural knowledge, a factual understanding of cultural variations that can be learned through trainings, workshops and meaningful interactions with individuals of diverse backgrounds, and cultural empathy, the ability to connect emotionally with the patient’s cultural perspective. Since there is a natural bias that resides within each individual, the therapist must learn to distinguish between his bias and what is happening outside his bias. These personal biases may be detrimental to his way of handling situations and helping out the patient. These personal biases roots from each individual’s cultural experiences. Moreover, the social and economic structure adds to these biases. Society has constructed societal representations of groups which affect social order and impacts the way how people see and view each other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cultural Competence and Diversity American and South African History. New York Macionis, John J. (2008) Sociology: A Global Introduction Prentice-Hall McAllister, G., & Irvine, J. J. (2000). Cross cultural competency and multicultural teacher education. Review of Educational Research, 70, 1, 3–24. Reeves, Roberts & Johnson, Jeremiah (2008) Sharing the Truth and Shattering Stereotypes about Immigrants Available at Tettegah, Sharon (1996) The Racial Consciousness Attitudes of White Prospective Teachers and their Perceptions of the Teachability of Students from Different Racial/Ethnic...
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