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Therapeutic approaches within multicultural cmmunities - Essay Example

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Therapeutic approaches within Multicultural Communities 05/30/2013 Abstract In spite of the evidence that people from First Nations are involved in an uneven degree of mental health problems relative to other people like Canadians, many people within the population do not use Western mental health services…
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Therapeutic approaches within multicultural cmmunities
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"Therapeutic approaches within multicultural cmmunities"

Download file to see previous pages These are knowledge of oneself i.e. self-awareness, knowledge of other, and the therapeutic practice. We are basically concerned here with Therapeutic approaches within Multicultural Communities (Swanson, 2010). Most of the mental health issues pertain to historical and social issues linked with colonialism. These concerns had have a disastrous intergenerational effect on the communities of First Nations, even though modern Western focused service delivery is the prime focus. Inappropriately, many of the people of First Nations idealize mental health care to be culturally insensitive and inaccessible. The Nations clients are not as prone to come back after first session of counseling as compared to Caucasian clients (Swanson, 2010). In this paper, we extend the historical and socio-political rationale for been the reason to basic cultural differences. This approach to comprehending and working with cultural differences is based on the three sub ideas of multicultural capability. In what trails, we will discuss the practice and theory of these domains of multicultural capability as they pertain to counseling the clients of First Nations (McGilloway, 2010). ...
The multicultural counseling should endorse client-related other than cultural-related involvements. Giving a distinct treatment for each different group is not a sound decision. Many people of the First Nations are identified with multiple cultures, thus making the matters more intricate at hand. Human centered commonly focuses approaches might be the best approach to balance the scale of modern verses conventional involvements (Gallardo, 2012). Western approaches are still relevant when it comes to counseling of the people of First Nations. The First Nations client usually seems to reject the modern counseling practices but it is dealt with. Certain perspectives of the Western theory are agreeable to be deconstructed and being use for healing processes. For instance, the procedures involved in conventional practices f sharing and healing have certain types of main group therapy. The Western methods of counseling can easily be replaced is not the idea here. However, both contemporary and conventional methods can be compared and utilized alike. One should keep in touch with multicultural aspect that respects and values the diversity in all arenas. No assumption should be made to predominating the validity or correctness or effectiveness of one aspect of healing over other one. Certainly, when it relates to effectiveness, the therapeutic consequence research immensely relates to rank of a collaborative balance between the model of counselor in counseling and client global view. The balance is needed to determine an optimistic counseling result (Swanson, 2010). Accumulation strategies should be attended to as well. There is a big difference between First Nations people and the main health service providers which outcomes in varying views relating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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