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Urbanization is a process of development in terms of production and capital, and standardization of consumer tastes and their legitimization, and awareness in health sector. It appears everywhere and is almost taken for granted. …
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Urban studies
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"Urban studies"

Urbanization is a process of development in terms of production and capital, and standardization of consumer tastes and their legitimization, and awareness in health sector. It appears everywhere and is almost taken for granted. The Megalopolis is defined as a group of urbanized areas that is extended from Boston to Washington D.C. which was considered as the main street of America. From 1950's through 2000 there were drastic development that changed the whole scenario of the Megalopolis.From 1950 to 2000 there was certain increase in migration from other parts of the country to the Megalopolis. The reason for this was Stabilization in terms of development in most of the sectors that include Health care, Educational institutions, Finance, Information Technology and different Industries.While stabilization measures are short-term packages, administered by the Fund, structural adjustment packages are long-term measures towards deregulation, liberalization and privatization largely supervised by the Bank. The economic logic underlying these measures rests on the assumption that market-mediated growth will ensure efficient allocation of resources.Casualisation of labor is a cause of immiserisation. The process has been accentuated and there is a clear trend showing increase in casual labor, be that for males or females. Although it is not exactly a reform phenomenon it has been considerably accentuated during the period, obviously because casulaisation fully fits in with the market strategy. Read More
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