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The Historical Influence of the Nile Valley - Dissertation Example

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The objective of this dissertation is to access, analyze and describe the influence of the Nile Valley in the process of establishment of the Egyptian civilization. In establishing the processes influenced by the Nile Valley in the establishment of the region to the extended dynastic establishments…
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Extract of sample "The Historical Influence of the Nile Valley"

Download file to see previous pages In influencing the development of the region, the region historically indicates that it attracted proto-humans and human groups who roamed the region as foragers. The aspects of global climate and environmental impacts range back to 10,000 B.C. in which various changes resulted, including the influence of de-glaciations in Europe, which increased rain Africa, called the pluvial period. Further, there was cooling, causing decreased rain in Africa; hence, aspects of desiccation and desertification of the Sahara began (Sonneborn 132). These periods coincided with the establishments of the Neolithic revolutions. Consequent to these developments, population immigrations increased, pitting people moving from the Sahara to the west, while others moved and settled along the Nile Valley for their establishment, eventually resulting in the dynastic periods, in addition to, the various activities of the civilization of the region. Several factors of consideration contributed remarkably to the establishment of the various activities of the region as known today in history. Notably, in influencing the processes of the settlement of the people in the region, various features of the Nile River facilitated the civilization processes of Egypt and the entire Nile Valley region. In effect of the various climatic and environmental changes in the region, this triggered a wave of demographic changes in the region (Sonneborn & Samuel 89). As the changes occurred, particularly the advent of desertification of the Sahara, bands of immigrations constituted some of the people moving from the Sahara to the West region. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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