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Violent Video-Computer Games - Essay Example

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The debate about the effects of violent video-computer games over children and young people has been quite meaningful and productive in terms of arriving at valuable conclusions that have surfaced along the way, especially after an extensive amount of quality research…
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Violent Video-Computer Games
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Extract of sample "Violent Video-Computer Games"

Download file to see previous pages Despite some predictable drawbacks due to the experimental nature of the kind of research undergone, most of the studies conducted on this line of research has confirmed and it's confirming the common-sense idea that violent and ultra-violent video-computer games produce relevant negative effects on children and teenagers. This assertion is echoed by a wide spectrum of researchers like C. A. Anderson (2003), R. Weber and R. White (2005), and D. Gentile (2004), among others. The document entitled "The Joint Statement" signed by 6 prestigious scientific organizations from the United States was published on July 26, 2000, and this document alone provides enough scientific weight and relevance to validate the public health community, legislators, policy-makers, and general public concerns against violent video-computer games.
As an example of recent research, we have 4 different studies finished at the beginning of 2004. Journalist C. Alphonso gave her account of these studies on March 1, 2004, in The Canadian Press under the title of "Effects of violent vidgames frightening, studies find". The studies found that young video games players perform poorly in school, argue with teachers, condone aggression, get into physical fights with peers, can get into using drugs, and are more likely to belong to gangs. The studies were published on the Journal of Adolescence. One of the researchers, Douglas Gentile (Iowa State University) said that his study discovered the surprising fact that "teens who play a lot of violent games are more likely to get into a fight than those who are aggressive but don't play them". (Alphonso, 2004). Another researcher, Jeanne Funk (University of Toledo) stated that her study found that "greater exposure to violent video games causes lower levels of empathy and stronger pro-violence attitudes". (Alphonso, 2004). Alphonso (2004) also mentioned the case of two Tennessee teens, William Buckner and his stepbrother Joshua, who in 2003 committed some violent crimes inspired by the video game "Grand Theft Auto".
But not all of the researchers agree. J. L. Freedman (University of Toronto) evaluated the research on violent video games in 2001. That was a meta-analysis in order to test the validity of all the research done up to that time. One of his conclusions is the following: "There is not the slightest evidence that playing violent video games causes any long-term or lasting increase in aggressiveness or violence. There is very little relevant research, and no longitudinal studies that might show such effects. It may well be that further research will indicate that playing violent video games is harmful. For the moment, however, there is no such work and no scientific reason to believe that violent video games have bad effects on children or on adults, and certainly none to indicate that such games constitute a public health risk." (Freedman, 2001).
Even an institution against violent video-computer games like American Academy of Family Physicians reported the findings of a study by L. Bensley and J. van Eenwyk in favor of this kind of games. The editor A. D. Walling, M. D. (2002) gave an account of their findings: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Violent Video-Computer Games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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