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Playing Computer Games Does Not Make People Violent - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Playing Computer Games Does Not Make People Violent” focuses on one of the controversial issues regarding the effect of technology on society, the effect of computer games on violent behavior. The paper rebuts the widespread perception that computer games make people violent…
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Playing Computer Games Does Not Make People Violent
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Download file to see previous pages Computer games are virtual games that are played on computer devices. These games are different from traditional conventional games in terms of their high levels of sophistication. Modern computer games are so sophisticated and advanced that they create the impression that they are a real reflection of the real world. For example, computer games involving car races feature names of popular drivers in real word car races such as Formula One. Therefore, when playing these games, you get the impression that you are actually representing the real world heroes. While there has been an increase in the number of computer games available, one specific trend has been the increase in the numbers of such games featuring violent themes. These violent computer games have become so easy to access such that many people especially children and teenagers are attracted to playing them. The outcome is the increased exposure of children to violence in the virtual world. Some of the computer games are based on real-world scenarios such as the war against terrorism. The increased exposure to such violence through computer games has attracted attention from multiple stakeholders including teachers, psychologists, lawmakers, and governments. The US government has taken steps to address this issue by encouraging more research into the relationship between virtual games and real-life violence (The White House 8). Parents are also concerned about the increased exposure of their children to violence through computer games. Such concerns and measures are based on the notion that exposure to violent video games causes people to become violent in real life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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