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How the human race has become dependent on technology and how this negatively influences the human race individually and as a w - Research Paper Example

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Complete Subject Technology Over the years it is seen that the human beings have invented different sorts of instruments and appliances for their use. These new instruments and appliances have come to be known as the modern technology…
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How the human race has become dependent on technology and how this negatively influences the human race individually and as a w
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"How the human race has become dependent on technology and how this negatively influences the human race individually and as a w"

Download file to see previous pages The introduction of nuclear weapons, luxury items, television, computer and daily used appliances has become a target of these opponents. These opponents argue that technology is making things difficult for mankind and these problems would be felt in the latter years of life. On the other hand the proponents of technology argue that it is a blessing for the whole mankind as it is making things a lot easier for people. The question then remains “Is technology really affecting us adversely or not?” This essay would further address this question by revolving around the negative influence of technology on our daily lives. The introduction of internet and computers in our life has turned out to be joyful for many as individuals enjoy surfing and chatting on the internet. Internet not only helps one to surf and chat but also helps to find out useful information about different topics. But the opponents argue that internet has turned out to be a disaster for many. Experts on technology believe that excess usage of computers and internet makes one impulsive and forgetful in his daily life. Excessive usage of internet has been termed to be fall under the category of addiction. Different types of self assessment tests have been designed to check if one falls under the category of internet addiction or not. ...
In other words internet is causing people to be distracted from education and family both at the same time. Cell phones also fall in the category of the internet as they seem to be causing dependence amongst the people too (Parker 2010). The introduction of nuclear power and nuclear weapons has also turned different aspects of the world. Nuclear power has helped countries to increase their capacity to generate energy so that the scarce resources can be preserved. However on the other hand the negative aspects of nuclear power are not being considered over its advantages. One of the most potential disadvantages of nuclear power is that it creates waste which can be harmful to the environment. Although the nuclear plants have a refining plant through which they reduce their waste but this refinery is not successfully able to contain the radioactive material inside the waste. The chance of accidents in these nuclear plants is also high and certainly causes high risk to the life of a human being. Similarly these nuclear power plants are also capable of producing enough plutonium every year so that nuclear warheads can be built (Swain 2007). Nuclear warheads are of serious concern to the whole society as they may be harming the society as a whole. In the World War II it was seen that the atom bomb was able to destroy a large area of Japan which harmed the integrity of the human race. These nuclear weapons have been a cause of concern for the whole world as they may fall in the hands of the wrong people. Nowadays even some of the third world countries like India and Pakistan possess these nuclear warheads. A study showed that the nuclear warheads in Pakistan are susceptible to being stolen by the terrorists. This clearly shows that the invention of nuclear weapons in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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