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The modern times are driven by digital dominance. This dominance comes in form of various digital devices. The computer is one of them that is ubiquitously present all around. It is part of almost every digital device that we possess. The paper tells about history of the computers, modern day computers, micro controllers, the era of compact computers…
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Download file to see previous pages This further took a new dimension when the web 2.0 was introduced with offers like social networking sites, blogs, and other similar features which made it more interesting and hard to resist and avoid. The intensity of the usage and its presence in our daily life can be imagined by the fact that just a single website has as many as eighty million members on it. With time the progress made by computers was so enormous that they crept into different disciplines of life and today they are part of every mobile phone, every television set, every refrigerator and every screen that is out on the road and in the sports gymnasiums. Mid 80s: While the first twenty years were slow in progress with regard to computer’s development. The dominant force in those times was I.B.M and computers were quite large in size. The changes came in, in time when the black and white and colorless scheme was replaced by the colored screens. The command line interface (C.L.I) was replaced by Graphic User Interface (G.U.I) and it brought more interest in to it(Kumar, 51). Apple Computer Inc. (now Apple Inc) was the pioneer in this regard and introduced resulted in more interest attraction from the customers (O'Grady, 32). The next step in the overall journey was the reduction of sizes of computers. While at first the computers were not able to be handled by single user and mainframe computers were quite common which were only limited to organizational usage, they were soon replaced by the personal computers which resulted in one computer per home and one computer per room. However even this was to change and the change came in form of the monitors and display screens. The cathode ray tubes (C.R.T) were replaced by L.C.D (Liquid Crystal Displays) which...
Moore rightly predicted change and increase in the number of computer electronic devices every eighteen to twenty months (Shuman, 10). Where we stand today can be the ground breaking foundation for what is to come ahead. What we consider mammoth in terms of the progress made by computers might well be the stepping stone towards more advanced technologies and with the progress so far made, it is promised to bring further revolution and change in the manner in which computers are being handled. The terabyte space which might seem large enough today might not be even sufficient to accommodate the requirements of future single hard disk drive. They have created a total new world of digital existence with lots of jobs on offer and many other activities which would not be possible otherwise. It is the true gift of 20th century that is bound to stay here for times to come. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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