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Computer game - Term Paper Example

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[Name of the Writer] [Name of the Professor] [Name of the Course] [Date] Computer Game THESIS STATEMENT: The research is attempted to discuss the role and influence, if there is any, of computer games on the ethics, economic aspects and social issues relative to the human society…
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Computer game
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Download file to see previous pages Computers have become inevitable for human beings since they assist man in almost all aspects of his daily routine and his life if previewed overall. Whether it is work or leisure computers have been part of man's every unit time of life he spends since the last decade. While on one hand computers are mainly used to lessen man's workload and to increase perfection and accuracy in tasks, on the other hand they are a source of pleasure and entertainment. The latter is provided by social networking, listening to music, watching videos and playing computer games, just to mention a few. This research paper aims to address the concept and effectiveness of computer games. It further aims to discuss the ethical implications associated with computer games and also the environmental, economical, societal, global and cultural considerations associated with computer games. BACKGROUND The advent of computer games started with small scale simple mathematical games. As the advent of computers themselves was a fascinations, the computer games also enjoyed that fame. The transition from paper based games to digital gaming was hailed warmly by elders and youngsters alike. The computer games became an addiction and due to their timely responses interactive user friendly interfaces it was hard to make people revert to ordinary and contemporary gaming methods. Computer Games "(Electronics & Computer Science / Computer Science) any of various games, recorded on cassette or disc for use in a home computer, that are played by manipulating a mouse, joystick, or the keys on the keyboard of a computer in response to the graphics on the screen" (The Free Dictionary) The very first computer game was built in the year 1952 by A.S. Douglas as a part of his PhD degree thesis. The computerized animation of Tic-Tac-Toe game was the very first game to be built from where there was no turning back. Exactly two decades later the very first stand alone gaming console was built which could be bought home and played. Ralph Baer was the designer of this first commercial computer gaming venture that name of which was Odyssey. The advent of formal video game dates back to the middle of the 1990s. The popularity of video games has grown since then at a very rapid rate. These video games are, in the present times, inevitable for every household that has adolescents or youngsters in it. Majority of the youngsters prefer to play video games over any other leisure activity and rather tend to indulge in them for unlimited periods of time. Around sixty percent of the American Citizens indulge in playing video games and the average age of the majority of players is 28 years. Impacts Dr. C. Shawn Green, a renowned psychologist of University of Wisconsin, is quoted saying that, “Video games change your brain. So does learning to read, playing the piano, or navigating the streets of London, which have all been shown to change the brain's physical structure. The powerful combination of concentration and rewarding surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine strengthen neural circuits in much the same the way that exercise builds muscles.” (Hotz, “When Gaming is Good for You”) Generally the parents get frowned over their kids when it comes to respond on the issue of computer games or video games. They unknowingly term these games as wastage of time and money, injurious to health, mind corroding, socially harmful and violence propagating. The analysis behind these conclusions seems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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