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Hacking and Hacktivism - Essay Example

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1The phenomenon of hacktivism reveals the extent of the challenge of translating democratic discussion to the Internet. Hacktivism is, as the name proposes, the marriage of computer hacking and political activism.
Hacktivism is the emergence of popular political action, of the self activity of groups of people, in a cyberspace…
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Hacking and Hacktivism
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"Hacking and Hacktivism"

Download file to see previous pages Social movements and popular protest are integral parts of twenty-first-century societies. Hacktivism is activism gone electronic (Tim Jordan, Paul A. Taylor, 2004).
According Utilitarianism, many people would perhaps consider themselves to operate according to a certain set of rules, whether stipulated by a cultural frame of reference or according to what they believe to be rational laws or instructions. To make more simply, utilitarianism considers intended actions as a means to an end (the maximization of basic good), but the approach known as deontological ethics.
The difference between a deontological ethics, the duty to obey a definite imperative that we believe must be collective, and a utilitarian ethic, that seeks to evaluate and amplify the amount of good in the world.
The hacker ethic, then, accomplishes three main functions: central to it is the idea of individual activity over any form of corporate authority or system of ideals; it also supports a completely free-market approach to the trade of information and admittance; lastly, it promotes the notion that computers can have a beneficial indeed, life-changing effect. Documents based on this hacker ethic have been socializing the Internet since eighties. As it is perhaps going too far to suggest that the hacker ethic be a precise formulation yet that it would welcome such a claim, it in any case clearly aspires to a deontological to a certain extent than utilitarian and relativism position: aphorisms such as 'all information must be free' (or, more commonly, 'all information wants to be free') are offered as universal maxims.
The hacker ethic is a permissive and individualist code, a particular brand of anarchy that, at its best, does some promises made by corporate capitalist meritocracy that are rarely achieved outside a cyberspace. A hacker ethic shows that cyberspace is a contested territory, and that the discussion of free-market economics and moderate democracy that has offered the foundation for much online activity is taken more critically than corporate oligarchies that pay lip-service to an open market that they look to monopolize: information wants to be free.
Hackers are not the only means of thinking through an ethics of a cyberspace, but they possibly symbolize the most considerable contribution made by cyberspace and new technologies to our daily lives and practices. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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