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Newspaper - Book Report/Review Example

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All media has one thing in common and that is to get the attention of its target audience, or readers. By giving out information and keeping the interest of the audience, the media is able to appeal. However, the target audience is made up of lots of different people so the techniques used must be different…
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Extract of sample "Newspaper"

Download file to see previous pages When comparing two newspaper articles, the one from a tabloid would use simpler, easier words because this type of paper targets everyone. In other words, the target audience is not as educated so the words would not be as long or hard to understand. A tabloid newspaper article also has short sentences and more words that describe how people feel. It is more about human interest and less about quality. It does not focus too much on facts and information but more on giving the writer's opinion. This makes it more bias which means "to cause partiality or favoritism in (a person); influence, esp. unfairly: a tearful plea designed to bias the jury," as defined by Unabridged (2006). So the tabloid will lean more to one side and will try to persuade, or convince the audience to believe what has been written in the article.
An article from a broadsheet newspaper is more geared towards the educated. It is written with more quality and gives the facts. Words will be longer and harder to understand. Sentences will be longer as the smaller words such as "and" and "the" will be included. This is different than a tabloid. It is
The story used for this comparison writi...
There is no opinion included.
The story used for this comparison writing is about Steve Irwin's death. He is the famous crocodile hunter. The tabloid article's title of the story is Croc hunter Steve Irwin dead. It is found in The Sun and the link The tabloid title does not use words like the, and, of, and a so that it can get the "juicy details" in that will capture the audience's attention. This contains bias and the writer gives his/her opinions in order to try and change the audience's thinking. The cover is plastered with lots of photographs and big, bold headings. The cover is full of headings especially those that grab the audience's attention. People like to read about things like the lives of celebrities and the latest gossip.
The broadsheet article of the story is titled, Real-life Crocodile Dundee Killed in Freak Stingray Attack. The broadsheet does not claim to know what really happened and does not contain bias. It can be found in Times or online at The cover of Times has one big photograph which takes up the entire page and focuses on one main story as the highlight. You cannot find big headings. It does not try to cram as many headlines, stories, and pictures as it can into one cover. It seems to be classier.
The number of words and sentences in The Sun's article are much shorter but more extreme. Sources in tabloids usually are not listed by actual names such as in the sentence reported by The Sun's Croc hunter Steve Irwin dead, "He said that although some university professors might have turned their noses up at the way presenters like Irwin portrayed reptiles, he had probably ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Newspaper Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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