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The most interesting stories are first to capture the reader’s attention. A message on the first page regarding pre elections is meant to inform those of a specific social class. Those wealthy enough to…
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Newspaper Clipping
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Extract of sample "Newspaper Clipping"

The newspaper clippings for this week are from the San Francisco Chronicle’s November 3, 1929 edition. In analyzing newspaper clippings for this course, you should ask yourself the following:
· Who or what is represented?
· How is who or what represented?
· Why is who or what represented?
Critically analyze what messages/meanings are produced in terms of class, race, gender, and sexuality. Don’t forget to take into account in your analysis language, layout, type, font, images, etc.
In the headlines of the first page, the day’s top stories are shown. The most interesting stories are first to capture the reader’s attention. A message on the first page regarding pre elections is meant to inform those of a specific social class. Those wealthy enough to have access to the paper are able to learn about the election. This separates itself from those whom are unable to read the paper.
What is represented regarding the elections is the papers suggested voter choices and the latest information regarding the election. This is front page because the newspaper clipping was near election time and is what the public wanted to know. Reading articles on what is popular helps to inform where elections stand.
An actress and her operation are also featured in the center of the front page along with the actress photo. The actress was represented on the first page with a large photo to catch the buyer’s eye so that the buyer would buy the paper. When the public sees the picture of the movie star and the words operation they begin to wonder what happened. This is represented in bold easy to read letters. These types of images and photos are message that allow readers to show the paper is on top of recent articles. Read More
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Newspaper Clipping Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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