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The article “Conflict management among American and Chinese employees in multinational organizations in China” has been retrieved from Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal published in 2010. In this article, Yuan has highlighted the corporate culture issues…
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Newspaper D1
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Article on Intercultural business conflict AFFILIATION: Intercultural Business Conflict The article “Conflict management among American and Chinese employees in multinational organizations in China” has been retrieved from Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal published in 2010. In this article, Yuan has highlighted the corporate culture issues faced by the employees in China. It has been reported that there is a huge difference between the business cultures of American and Chinese companies and the management has to make sure that the conflicts are identified and resolved appropriately.
As China has attained the prestige of being the final destination for doing businesses, almost all the leading multinational corporations have shifted their operations in this region. According to Yuan (2010), the Chinese and American employees are employing a range of strategies to address the conflicting dilemmas. The main issues faced are the differing business etiquettes, corporate culture and employment benefits. Some of the problems encountered by the workforce are integrating with the colleagues, compelling the implementation of one’s recommended solution, making decisions by power, dominating among the team members, avoiding discussion of issues, relationship dissolution and third-party process.
Moreover, the Americans are willing to confront the conflict rather than the Chinese people who try to avoid them. In order to understand the conflict, it is better to apply the human psychology concept. The idea behind this framework is that each individual has to be understood so that the personal attributes are evident and it will allow the person to utilise his capabilities efficiently in resolving the conflict. Due to globalisation and strengthening of international business avenues, the intercultural business conflicts will have to be minimised so that the desired organisational objectives can be successfully attained.
Yuan, W. (2010). Conflict management among American and Chinese employees in multinational organizations in China. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 17(3), 299-311. Read More
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Newspaper D1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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