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Topic : Sociology- Paper Project 4 Assignment 1 Intercultural relationship is largely on rise in recent years and many a times it can be a challenging act for people in love. It is not only people from different cultural backgrounds have problems, every couple in marriage encounter risky situations…
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Paper Project 4
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Download file to see previous pages However, there is no mistaking that these relationships carry with them unique pros and cons that other partnerships do not”. The people in this kind of relationship can find the cultural attitudes of other partner overwhelming or difficult to accept .In such case, only a deep understanding and intense love for each other can make relationship work. The intercultural relationship has certain advantages and disadvantages which other relationship lack. The advantage is that couples are exposed to a new cultural practice and bad side is that partners can have a different ideas and concepts towards their practice of life. As per (Romano,2008,pg12)“ Any marriage is like a game ,but inter cultural marriage is more complicated because each partner come equipped with different set of rules, values , habits and viewpoints” .It is usually observed that Asian parents are significantly reluctant in accepting western people as part of their family. For example some aspects of western culture like hugging can be seen as offensive to most Asian parents. But if the couples in love can make their parents understand then things can change for better. Assignment 2 World is now a culturally connected place , and, conflicts and clashes have become the issue in work place than in any other arena. Business people, managers and employees all encounter this at any point of time during their business activity. It can be said that communication gap is a main culprit in the occurrence of such clashes and misunderstanding. Most cases it can be found that workers blame the host countries for their lack of understanding and co -operation in work place environment. Blaming the host society has become a common practice but this hardly have any relevance with clashes and conflicts. In the article (Teo,2006)writes that “Also, there are team members who refuse to accept their failings; instead blaming others - and the entire host society for that matter - for their problems. To avoid complication in the work place intercultural communication should be introduced to understand diversity and differences. “Intercultural communication is of importance in any career field thus the art of knowing how to communicate with other cultures should be a work place skill that is emphasized”(Gitimo, 2009) Successful communication is the prerequisite in every business and with the emergence of multi- national companies, intercultural clashes and conflicts have become a global issue. To conduct a business successfully, cross cultural communicative education is of prior importnace. For this understanding and knowledge of cultural factors like attitudes, beliefs, values and behavior is essential. So business personnel well trained regarding cross cultural communication can avoid conflicts and take the organization to a greater success on international platform. Assignment 3 Intercultural communication has taken a valuable place in today’s global business world since multinational companies are on a rise. Nowadays companies have made cross culture communication an important agenda when training employees and management executives. The knowledge about cultural factors offer an opportunity to the employees to overcome the challenge posed by cross cultural diversity. “Well, in contacts between people with different cultural norms and values, the intercultural contacts, there is a heightened chance of misunderstanding, miscommunication and mismanagement, of which damage to business and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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