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Social Policy 1 Knowing about policy helps understand the dictum in place which is an essential basis for finding out how sociology comes into its own. Sociology is imperative to know because it deals with social workers in one form or the other. Similarly, the social workers get affected by the use of policy under diverse contexts as this is a significant entity…
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Social policy
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Download file to see previous pages Social workers must follow a certain procedure in order to go ahead with policy development. On the same token, policy measures need to be reinforced time and again to bring out the value basis. Policy development therefore ensures that there is complete synchronization between the sociology premise and the role played by the social workers. If policy is not comprehended in a proper manner, there is a sense of bias that develops amongst the social workers who would find it hard to get through their respective jobs and hence the sociology regimes would remain unfulfilled in entirety. In addition, sociology must be bolstered by policy realms developed by social workers and the important players of sociology constructs. These enable the due role of policy and how it eventually gets manifested in one form or the other within the related domains. 2 Ideology has a huge role within policy development. This is made apparent in the form of knowing where and how the basis of ideology leads to concept development which significantly has a link with the basis of policy development. Ideology influences policy development since it makes the policy developers to know what to expect of sociology and how this can be made use of within the related constructs. ...
Their respective roles in essence help the cause of the policy development which needs to be seen within the relevant scheme of things. Ideology therefore plays its due role within policy development and social workers are always appreciative of this development. Policy development always gets positively reinforced by how ideology is made use of and this is the way sociology gets its relevant basis. 3 A social policy reinforces positive basis within the society and thus the policy development gets bolstered as a result. On the other hand, it challenges how inequality within the society exists and creates a problem for all concerned. The need is to know where to draw the line and how this needs to be implemented within the proper contexts. Inequality in any society of the world is seen from a poverty perspective because this ensures that the required basis is sought out in differential forms. Also mental health is one of the important facets that highlights how inequality comes to the fore (Runhaar, 2006:46). The social policy challenges inequality in society because it has the due role of drafting points which keep away such challenges and perils which keep on arising within the societal basis. The social policy regimes therefore need to act out of their zones to make sure that inequality is taken care of, whether it is in the form of mental health or poverty. Poverty forms as the usual linchpin behind which many problems arise from time to time. The same is the case with mental health where anomalies do arise within the relevant contexts. Now how these inequalities are addressed, analyzed and adhered to are dependent on how policy development is seen and made understandable. In essence, social policy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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