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Contemporary Social and Urban Issues - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Contemporary Social and Urban Issues" focuses on the fact that the implementation of social welfare policy often determines the socio-economic stability and ethnic equality of a multicultural society. The view and the response of people about social needs and issues are deeply at odds. …
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Contemporary Social and Urban Issues
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Social and Urban Issues"

Download file to see previous pages The policies would enable individuals to achieve the required skills and knowledge that make them employable. In other words, social and urban policies ensure social security, including physical and mental wellbeing of individuals. The changing socio-economic scenario offers new issues and challenges to governments and organizations today.

Social policies cover an array of social, political, economic and cultural issues of a country. It ensures social security to individuals by providing health care, employment and ethnic equality. There are special provisions for supporting children and women. Education and other awareness programs for young people also have become an important issue that comes under the active consideration of social and urban policy. According to Hill (2006), ‘Social security is a collective action to protect individuals against income deficiencies. This collective action may be taken by a variety of social organizations, including employers, charity and voluntary organizations.’ Eradication of poverty has been one of the important concerns of central as well as local governments. In the last two years, child poverty has been increasing and North East England has the highest rate of poverty (CPAG,2008), There are many more issues related to urban policies such as transport, housing, electricity, communication, education, family welfare etc.

While implementing policies the government considers the range of welfare policies, how these policies should be paid for, and who should benefit from these policies. (Jones, Kavanagh, Moran & Nortan., 2001)

The United Kingdom must be the main area with the highest rate of immigration in Europe. It has accommodated people from all its former colonies which have resulted in social segregation based on religion and race. The postwar global political conditions made the UK one of the major places for migration with people from different parts of the world.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contemporary Social and Urban Issues Assignment.
(Contemporary Social and Urban Issues Assignment)
Contemporary Social and Urban Issues Assignment.
“Contemporary Social and Urban Issues Assignment”.
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