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Urban Sprawl - Essay Example

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What is the price we pay for urbanization "Our choice of lifestyle, that stubborn adherence to the wrong course, remains a significant barrier to the improved health and prosperity of individuals and families as well as to the viable future of our communities and country." …
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Urban Sprawl
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Urban Sprawl

Download file to see previous pages... What is the price we pay for urbanization "Our choice of lifestyle, that stubborn adherence to the wrong course, remains a significant barrier to the improved health and prosperity of individuals and families as well as to the viable future of our communities and country." "Land use is a human modification of land" ("Land Use") or natural environment, such as wilderness, which is turned into a built environment of pastures, residence and industrial locations, or fields.A major trend that is happening now is the expansion of dwellings and man's entire future. As people yearn for healthier, happier, and independent ways of living they need to look into the effects of such a resolution. This may seem to denote progress and prosperity but it has more considerable negative results such as erosion, deforestation, salinization or the presence of high level of salts in the soil, soil degradation or simply the loss of soil stability, erosion, and urban sprawl. This extensive land use and urban sprawl have adverse effects in the environment - natural resources, animals, plants, water, and soil nutrients and it has become, in fact, a major environmental concern.Sprawl is a term used to denote the increased land use of urbanized area by lesser people compared to previous times. Before, cities were smaller and more efficient, however in the past 20 - 50 years there has been massive use of land particularly for dwelling purposes. But now there has been spreading of the cities to rural lands at the periphery of an urban area. Residents sprawling to the neighborhoods choose to live in single-family homes and use automobiles to drive to the city proper than constricting to one suitable area where everything is accessible. On a simpler picture, it means a single-family home compared to an apartment. These homes occupy more lot area taking into account not just the area where the house is built but also the parking space, yard, landscaping, and all others. Lot sizes become larger to accommodate fewer people and since there are more automobiles, parking spaces have to be built as well. The impact of low density development means that many communities are urbanized in a surprisingly faster rate. Unfortunately, low population density, or the low measurement of an area in comparison to the volume of population, is the indication of a sprawl.

There are several alarming disadvantages of urban sprawling. The expansion of the urban area to create new highways, bigger and bigger shopping malls, theme parks, fast food chains, and other industrial structures causes the loss of farmlands. This loss diminishes man's provisions on food, fiber, and even lumber. It also causes property taxes to increase thus forcing the farmers to go out of business. This same trend also results to loss of wildlife habitat. Meadows, vast wild forests, and marshlands are vanishing and these happen to be the habitat of countless flora and fauna which are pushed to co-habit in smaller, fragmented, and more degraded environment. These new homes make survival harder because of the minimal accessibility to breeding grounds, feeding areas, hibernation sites, or to establish nesting areas. This unfavorable effect of urban sprawl on the flora and fauna will also cause loss of food source for human and eventually a strong contribution to global warming.

With people living away from the usual urban sites, public services should also be provided extending up to where new communities are built. Take note that some local government units cannot subsidize these said services because they used to be low-income generating locales, instead, the majority of the working public are given the burden on taxes to fund these needs. Unless people rethink how they live, work, play, and even shop, there will be unnecessary spending from the government, such as building additional fire stations, construction of added storm drainages, provisions on more school buses, garbage collection services are added, and other similar maintenances. With ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Suburban Sprawl (Environmental Issue)
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