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The urban policy in the city of Los Angeles is economically based and has been developed to ensure the residence in the city obtains job security now and in the future. The policy has a number of advantages to the society…
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Urban Growth Policy within your Community
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Download file to see previous pages Development of good policies to govern cities would ensure a strategic and conducive business environment, better infrastructural services to the residence and better standards of living to the residents.
The relationship between the policy makers and the residence of different cities fluctuates depending on the policies, government development and behavior. The urban policies in the cities are aimed at ensuring job creation and housing to the residence, this is achieved through an urban based development policy from the federal government. Policies are made in such a way that employers in the urban areas do not suffer (Gottlieb, 2007). This done by ensuring that they benefit from the incentives based on their places of business. The urban policies have ensured that important facilities such as the places for markets, cultural centers and other important facilities are integrated in specific locations so as to maximize the use of space and ensure creativity within the cities. Though development advancement as well as the management of public properties in the cities has proved to be crucial to its economic prosperity, the vulnerable groups in the society face a stiff challenge in coping with these policies. This is basically attributed by the urban policies that privatized public properties thus criminating them when these policies are applied. Sprawl growth The urban Sprawl is attracted by the opportunities in the markets, therefore making it difficult it difficult to be controlled by a single city policy. Control of the Sprawl growth is both a responsibility of the local and the federal government. The coordination between the rural and the urban authorities should be enhanced to ensure that pressure on land use meant for development of industries does not encourage development of Sprawls. Los Angeles is one of the cities that have embraced smart growth at the expense of Sprawl growth with the aim of a future sustainability (Gottlieb, 2007). Los Angeles Land Use Policy The strategic position of Los Angeles city makes it one of the most important international trade centers. The market forces and the policies governing land are some of challenges that the industrial development in the city face. The market trends and policies governing the public properties are regionally and nationally influenced. Some policies and business activities in the port of Los Angeles may not be handled by the city. However continuous conversion of industrial land to residential places has prompted the city’s policy makers to develop policies that would protect industrial Land from being depleted. Citing from the city policy on land use, the city would be able to handle the trend of unemployment and low standards of living by developing industries that would sustain the residents. The policy is aimed at developing criteria of limiting the construction of residential areas at the expense of industrialization. The policy also aims at preserving and increasing the number of jobs in the city by attracting and increasing investments in the industrial sector through the land use policy. From statistics, the city added over a million new residents and in a span of twenty five years, contrary to this over 50, 000 jobs were lost (Estolano, 2008). Development of real estates was the major driving force towards the high population increase with less concern in job creation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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