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Analyzing a Social Policy - Research Paper Example

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SOCIAL POLICY ANALYSIS Date Social policy as a tool for social justice a. Social problems addressed by the policy Social policies from definition are guidelines, principles, legislation and activities that have an impact on the well being of the human welfare…
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Analyzing a Social Policy
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Download file to see previous pages These problems can be viewed generally or specific to certain groups as undesirable conditions among which can be violence, environmental problems, crime, the growing gap between the poor and the rich, unemployment, urban decay, racism and sexism and many other social problems (Weimer & Vining, 2011). Such social problems are also called social issues because they affect every society whether great or small because of the mandatory conflict that exists between any two close groups of people living together. They issues or social problems may also arise in instances when two individuals hold a different view about an issues affecting them (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). The history of such problems can be dated back to the progressive era when some Americans as a result of agrarian revolution had progresses. Hence history has it that during this time in history there was an attempt to solve the social problems that developed in America after the civil war which resulted from industrialization. This historical problem also attempted to solve other more complex social problems (Weimer & Vining, 2011). As time passed America became a power house in form of agricultural and industrial power and as a result great cities had developed and a large number of immigrants had been accepted. Most Americans had benefitted from America becoming a power house while others had not still benefitted from the same. The basic theory that explains the development and existent of social problems in America can be called the Theory of Everything which narrows down to inequality in the social set up. Social problems are said to operate a revolving-door policy nowadays since as one goes another comes and it is hard to completely wipe out the problems (Weimer & Vining, 2011). The resources cannot be enough and this call for efficient allocation of the existing resources after thorough analysis. Because social problems is not as a result of poverty everyone in the society is likely to lose since it is due to the differential in income between the rich and the poor that causes these problems. The policy objectives are therefore to reduce the social problems by devising mechanisms in which they can be reduced to enable all humans live in a welfare enabled environment (Ritsatakis & Makara, 2009). The human values in terms of good healthcare, modest income, well maintained security situation and all the issues that are likely to bring life into the society must be maintained. The targeted population is not specific and we may say that the existent of the social problems impacts on the society as a whole due to the costly nature of such problems to the society. The directly impacted in terms of deprived healthcare or lack of foods highly expect (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). This is because the cause and impacts of the social problems are synergic in nature and the occurrence of one creates the other. b. Policy objectives The overt objectives of the health policy of the US are to create the societal conditions that will ensure good health and equal terms for the whole population. Therefore the public authorities must be guided by the clear public health objectives which are for the good of the whole population. This is because the use of such determinant will ensure that monitoring of the progress will be evaluated and acted upon conclusively. Plus it is through the determinant that the covert objectives of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyzing a Social Policy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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