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Holocaust,Hurricane Katrina,Rwandan Genocide - Essay Example


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Holocaust,Hurricane Katrina,Rwandan Genocide

This word “Holocaust” originated from the Greek and it means “fire sacrifice” thus describe the degree of inhumanity. Other groups were also targeted since they are perceived as being inferior to the Germans. This article demonstrates how the manner in which certain Israeli youths defined their social identities within the contexts of their peers. This article relates to sociology since it explores Social Identity theory to demonstrate how Jewish Israeli’s identity was constructed through social representations during this event (Jaspal and Maya, 205). This event applies to sociology because it represents an important social issue of representation. The understanding of this event and its root causes can well be demonstrated through the application of sociological theories. This makes it a sociological event since its analysis is informed by application of different sociological theories. First it explores Social representation and Identity process theory. In this regard, three different themes are evident; the interrelations and how this event impacted, Understanding conflict, and the loss that results from holocaust as an event. This event applies to sociology also because researchers use sociological methods in this study to bring solutions and remedy to the victims. For example, it was necessary for social scientists to conduct counseling as first aid to quench the impacts of trauma to the survivors. The danger of unseen damage mainly related to psychological, mental and social welfare

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Rwandan genocide
The Tutsi were pastoralists while the Hutus were farmers. Rwanda was first colonized by the Germans. Later the country was colonized by Belgians whose main aim was to exploit the country’s resources. In 1933, the colonizers issued identity cards which indicated whether one was a Tutsi, a Hutu or a Twa.
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Hurricane katrina
Different stories told by eyewitnesses highlight the severity of the New Orleans police department with lots of malfeasance they committed against civilians. This and many other episodes from the city after Katrina hurricane are well emphasized in the paper aiming at the main concepts and empirical studies the authors managed to collect in the book under analysis.
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Hurricane Katrina
The major blame fell on engineers since it was all about construction. Earlier on, there were levees that had been constructed, but according to the research, it was revealed that there were numerous inadequacies associated with the project. The issue of human safety is very sensitive and in all activities conducted by any professional, safety is the key thing to be considered.
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Hurricane Katrina
In addition, it has been possible to predict the occurrence of a disastrous event even though the level of precision has been an issue of concern. Disasters in both recent and ancient times have claimed several lives, destroyed property and altered the environment.
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Hurricane Katrina
There may be some tinkering left to do regarding the story f the worst natural disaster in modern American history-some i's to dot and t's to cross-but the combination f Brinkley's skills as a historian and reporter, his proximity to the tragedy (being a New Orleans resident), and his willingness to call attention to the failures f virtually every key government official up and down the command chain yields a powerful, emotionally affecting book that virtually doubles as an Encyclopedia Katrina.
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The Rwandan Genocide
The message urged Hutus to arm themselves with firearms, machetes and even garden tools. The massacre lasted for 100 days, with the world around watching. The US and the UN have been the most criticized since they allowed the genocide to take place. In fact US Secretary of State, Warren Christopher didn't even like to call the killings in Rwanda as "genocide" until May 21.
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The Rwandan genocide
Various other estimates claim the murder to be between 500,000 and 1,000,000 or in other words, equivalent to 20% of the total population of the country. A rebel group that comprised primarily of Tutsi refugees was called the Rwandan Patriotic Front in 1990. They
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Perpetrators of the crime of genocide have different intentions on a targeted group based on race, nationality, ethnic group or religion, either because they are rebellious
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Hurricane Katrina
After the disaster according to Gallup & Newport (2007), the government asked for assistance from the European Union, asking for medical kits, food stuffs
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Hurricane Katrina
Many regions were submerged along the coast on differeing wind strengths  in a particular place at some time. There are various perspectives, from which
3 pages (750 words)Essay
of the victims can well be understood by sociologists and remedies derived from there on. This event therefore applies to sociology more than any other discipline since it involves different social issues leading to conflict and can be understood best under the same context. Hurricane Katrina The article; "Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans: What Might a Sociological Embeddedness Perspective Offer Disaster Research and Planning?" analyses Orleans as was affected by hurricane in sociological embeddedness perspective. Hurricane Katrina has been viewed as a “natural disaster”, an event that resulted into the disruption of organizations, lives, institution and spaces which were well functioning before the event occurred. It is therefore important to note that thus this kind of disruption called for interventions that would increase the rate of reestablishment and recovery of the initial state. This article holds the point of view that “Hurricane Katrina- new Orleans” is a social disaster and thus cannot only be viewed as a natural disaster since it requires social interventions. Hurricane Katrina interventions should therefore focus on interventions through “social engineering” and researchers should develop a mentality of “expertism” thus social actors cannot be separated from events (Versen and Annie, 184). Hurricane Katrina- New Orleans situation is also related to sociology because of the impact it had on the humanity. The economic situation of New Orleans has never been the same again since the disaster despite several efforts and is attributed to failure of the economic infrastructure of the city over decades. In is in this perspective that this article explores the sociological embeddedness in advancing the understanding of this disaster and possible sociological interventions. It also explores practical and theoretical inclusion of sociological embeddedness point of view in the study of other disasters both internationally and locally. Sociological embeddedness point of view shows the dynamic nature of the previous, current and future social actions and economic


This word “Holocaust” originated from the Greek and it means “fire sacrifice” thus describe the degree of inhumanity. Other groups were also targeted since they are perceived as being inferior to the Germans…
Holocaust,Hurricane Katrina,Rwandan Genocide
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