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Holocaust Genocide - Book Report/Review Example

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The Holocaust was the organized, bureaucratically, state-sponsored persecution and murders of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi rule and its collaborators. The Nazi Holocaust took place from 1938 to 1945, a period of the World War II.
Springer in her book has written a…
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Holocaust Genocide
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Extract of sample "Holocaust Genocide"

Download file to see previous pages Including the history of mass violence in her book makes the reader understand the causes of genocides in various countries and/or states around the world. This makes the readers understand that a genocide starts as a hate crime that is increased into violence because of misunderstandings caused by selfish, tribal or racist leaders fighting for power in government (Springer 8-9).
Theories of genocide on chapter four of her book tells on the existing and already applied methods that have caused genocides in different countries and/or states. She continues to talk of the structure of a genocide. Most structures experienced since the first genocide took place during World War I in Turkey where 1.5 million Armenians died till todays genocide in Darfur. She further advises on ways that can be used in responding to genocide. Although these ways are complicated, they can be applicable since they can ensure that the instigators of the genocide are prosecuted for their crimes. In chapter seven, she talks of how genocides can be prevented. She refers to genocide as being caused by small hate crimes that grow into bigger crimes if no solution is reached at, in the initial stages when the small hate crimes among various groups present itself (Springer 102-8).
Springer points out in her book how to address the issue of genocides. She explains the anatomy of a genocide. She also talks and describes how genocides happen. Through reading of her book, readers can discover when the small hate crimes start around them. Through recognizing the small hate crimes on time, genocide can be avoided before it happens. The healing process can begin before hate builds among different groups. She aims at making the public know about genocides. By making the people know about the early stages of genocide, they can be put on their toes regarding genocide indicators. She tells of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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