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Social Significance of Gossip Name Institutional Affiliation Social Significance of Gossip Gossip refers to the informal way of evaluating and discussing of another person, with regards to his life history, social life, economic life as well as personality in the absence of such a person…
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Download file to see previous pages It is of crucial significance to note that gossips are always characterized by negative talks about an individual in the absence of such an individual (Besnier, 2009). However, when the gossipers have always engaged in the discussions, it is always hard to notice the negativity in their talks concerning the person who is being talked about. Gossips always elicit a strong feeling of dislike to the same person who is being talked about. They always depict the person being talked about as an individual of immoral character. This follows that mostly gossips always dwell of the wrongdoings, negative sides as well as the simple faults that an individual may have committed unknowingly (Pietila, 2007). It is of critical importance to highlight that a number of reasons exist that may make an individual engage in gossip. The first reason is that of the fun and enjoyment created by such gossips. Most people always engage in acts of gossip because it is quite enjoyable. Gossips always entail a number of short stories concerning a person. Such stories are always associated with lots of fun, curiosity and create a strong social bond between the persons engaged in the gossip. Other people may engage in gossip to offer a form of social judgment on an individual being talked about (Abelove, 2003). ...
This follows the fact that such issues like gossips may lead to defamation of a person thereby killing the good reputation that that person may be having within the society (Pietila, 2007). On the other hand, the society also always tend to perceive the individuals who love gossips with some forms of restraint towards fully associating with them. This follows that one may be unaware of what may happen next concerning any conversation that they may have held. People may draw away from such gossipers since with the virtue that gossipers are always deceitful, they may implicate someone by laying false accusations (Besnier, 2009). In other words, such gossipers may say something quite controversial and insist that such derogatory speech may have had come from a certain individual within the society. This is quite bad with regards to the societal ethics as well as morals. In addition, it is credible to state that gossips tend to create some sense of enmity between people (Abelove, 2003). This may arise when the person being discussed may have gotten the information that certain people may have been discussing him or her using peculiar words concerning his behavior. This may incite violence between such individuals that may even lead to death. This is because of the nature of anger that the person being gossiped may have been having. Several gossips are always articulated stories with no truth in them (Pietila, 2007). They always contribute to branding negative personalities to individuals, some who are even innocent of the accusations hurled on them. Gossips always play several significant roles in the culture and society. One of the roles played by gossips is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Gossip Gossip is something that has been going around since the dawn of time. People are always interested in something that doesn’t concern them because they either they feel like they have power over another person or perhaps that have an addiction problem. Gossip is counterproductive is because it can destroy the self-esteem of the person who is gossiped about, can promote lies, and also give the gossiper a bad reputation. People in favor of gossiping would say that it helps everyone to know where they are in a society. It is never nice to hear something bad said about you to your face, but it is even worse when it is said behind your back. Whenever someone gossips about another person, that person may be picked on or perhaps... ...
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