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How american TV series Gossip Girl shape/influence young woman's ideals/opinions/life - Dissertation Example

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[Topic:] ] ] Introduction This literature review will cover the problem components related to the compelling issue under consideration, that is, the negative influence of Gossip Girl on the lifestyles of young women in America…
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How american TV series Gossip Girl shape/influence young womans ideals/opinions/life
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Extract of sample "How american TV series Gossip Girl shape/influence young woman's ideals/opinions/life"

Download file to see previous pages The television series was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and was first premiered on The CW in late September, 2007 (Spalding, M., 2010, p.3-67). The series is based on the life and lies of Manhattan's Upper Side's elite young adults. The main theme of Gossip Girl revolves around the love life, relationships, rivalry, and drama involving the main characters of the series. While awareness against these issues can be created by the facilitation of media, previous literature and experts agree on the fact that Gossip Girl is doing the opposite. Literature Review One of the main reasons why TV series can affect one’s life so profoundly is the fact that young girls start considering the media figures and main actors involved as their fictive peers. These fictive peers are followed even more precisely than the actual peers and start taking a form of role models for young female audience. According to Spalding (2010, p.3-67), this consideration leads to the belief that the audience is connected to their fictive role models; this connection results in the extension of the viewing experience by the adoration and imitation of these media figures or characters by the viewers to the extent that teenagers eat macaroon towers when they are down and are moving to New York city for recreation and education as Gossip Girl is set there. The framework of the show is based on the use and abuse of new media as the unseen character of Gossip Girl who narrates the show, mirrors the prevalent mediated communication in today's world and addresses the fans on a closer level. Thus, Gossip Girl encourages engagement with the consumption of media and the show, resulting in being a big influence in shaping the lives of the audience. It is also debated that Gossip Girl also exemplifies and emphasizes on the power of interactive media and telecommunication. Teenagers can learn from the events of this show occurred due to the spread of gossip through blogging (Bolter, 2000, p.62-71). As common amongst other teenage drama series, Gossip Girl emphasizes strongly on branded clothes and expensive wardrobes. It also depicts the established fact in upper societies and high schools that the “It Girls” have to be beautiful and trendy with model thin figures. Eric Damam, who is known for styling in “Sex in the City” is the stylist of the show which leaves no question in our minds when we hear and see the characters of Gossip Girl clad in designer wear (Romeo, 2009, p.2-13). This strong focus on the wardrobe of the show and the ever increasing glamour and innovation amongst the ensemble cast is translating negatively on the audience. Experts have called Gossip Girl the biggest youth culture market and a fashion marketing vehicle. This shows that costuming has a direct impact on the fashion choices of the young female audience. What is now to be considered is if this fashion trends a healthy practice or if this style imitation leads to a lot of critical issues. The economy blackout has affected all households; estimates show that only 10% of the US population is now middle class and most of the families have lost their previous affluence due to economic depressions and job losses. With these conditions, the growing fashion industry is proving to have a disastrous effect as the young girls want to follow the trends set by Gossip Girl and other teenage drama series. When interviewed, an avid Gossip Girl viewer, Molly, replied that she wants to buy a Christian Louboutin’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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