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How are Mixed-sex Schools Advantageous - Research Paper Example

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Mixed-sex schools are also known as co-education schools in America. This paper is an argumentative essay that supports the view that mixed sex system of schooling is more advantageous, to both the individual students/pupils and the society, than the single sex schooling system…
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How are Mixed-sex Schools Advantageous
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Download file to see previous pages men claimed that this dominance of leadership positions in mixed sex schools by the men made the interests of the girls to be ignored, and not taken care of well. As Hamdan found out in this research, the main problem of mixed sex system of education is not the system per se, but rather the administration of the schools. This explains why the mixed sex system of schooling is disadvantageous to the girls. Hamdan claims that with the overhaul of the administration of the mixed sex system of education would be quite ideal for both boys and girls (Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 86- 87). The critiques of the mixed sex system of education therefore are wrong to blame the whole system of schooling rather than blaming the administration of the mixed system of schooling. The argument of the critiques of the mixed sex system of schooling therefore is a hasty generalization and is therefore flawed and false. With a gender-balanced management of mixed sex schools, the mixed sex schools would be indeed quite conducive environment of study for both boys and girls. The second reason why mixed sex schooling system is advantageous over the single sex system of schooling is that the mixed system give the students conducive environment to grow socially in an all-round manner, i.e. to be able to integrate and to relate well with people of both sexes (Co-ed schools are better schools, n.p.). This is not possible in single sex schools because in single sex school environment, the students live only with the members of their sex. The mixed sex system of education therefore is good for the social development of the students, and this is quite important because even after school, the students will be able to interact freely, and in a healthy manner with the members of both sexes. This is...
This paper stresses that mixed sex schooling critiques therefore argue that although mixed sex system of schooling promotes competition between boys and girls, this competition therefore does not automatically lead to better performance because of the lack of concentration among the students associated with the mixed sex system of schooling. But a critical look at this criticism of the critiques of mixed sex system of schooling shows that the claim is weak and not based on facts. This is because although the mixed sex system of education offers the students an opportunity where they can start premature sexual relations that can interrupt their studies, there is however strict regulations and rules in mixed sex system of schooling that prohibit these kinds of unhealthy sexual relations among the students. As we have shown above, and contrary to the view of the critiques of the mixed sex system of schooling, there is actually more discipline in mixed sex schools than in single sex schools. Also, the students in mixed sex schools develop respect, over time, for their opposite sex colleagues in the school. The other evidence based advantage of mixed sex system of schooling is that the mixed sex system of schooling is cheaper and more efficient system of schooling than the single sex system of schooling.
This report makes a conclusion that mixed sex schooling system has indeed many evidence based advantages over the single sex schooling system. This fact shows that the mixed sex system of schooling should be promoted by various governments, while the single sex system of schooling should be abolished. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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