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How Are Mixed-sex Schools Advantageous - Research Paper Example

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This research paper focuses on the advantages of mixed-sex schools as an education system. The research is based on the views of different authorities in the field of education. After the research, a translation of the research findings is made followed by a cover letter…
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How Are Mixed-sex Schools Advantageous
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Extract of sample "How Are Mixed-sex Schools Advantageous"

Download file to see previous pages Mixed-sex school systems are becoming quite common in different parts of the world although there is a big debate on which system of schooling, between the mixed-sex schooling system, and the single-sex schooling system, is more advantageous to both the individual students/pupils and the general society. The following are the main broadly agreed advantages of the mixed-sex schooling system. To begin with, mixed-sex schools provide a perfect avenue for healthy competition between boys and girls (Thomson, n.p.). Thomson argues that this can be attributed to the fact that human beings are naturally inclined to compete with the members of the opposite sex. Boys will do their best to perform better than the girls, and the girls will also try very hard to outshine the boys in academic performance. This, therefore, provides an opportunity for healthy completion between boys and girls in school.

The second major advantage of the mixed schooling system is that the mixed gives the students a conducive environment to grow socially in an all-round manner, i.e. to be able to integrate and to relate well with people of both sexes (Co-ed schools are better schools, n.p.). This is a very big advantage to the students because even after school, the students will be able to interact freely, and in a healthy manner with the members of both sexes. This is very important considering that the main aim of education is to train people for life and education aims at making the students able to fit well in the society. Social science research has shown that people who have gone through the mixed-sex system of education tend to integrate better in the society than the people who have undergone the single-sex system of education(Researchers, n.p). The mixed-sex system of education, therefore, is very important for the healthy social development of the students.

The third major important advantage of the mixed system is that it helps the students to develop self- esteem and self-confidence (Benefits of Co-education Environment, n.p). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Are Mixed-sex Schools Advantageous Research Paper.
(How Are Mixed-Sex Schools Advantageous Research Paper)
How Are Mixed-Sex Schools Advantageous Research Paper.
“How Are Mixed-Sex Schools Advantageous Research Paper”.
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