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Children who hail or are from schools managed by the Department of Defense Education Activity or DoDEA have total advantages of being well disciplined, achievers and safety conscious. For aside from the fact that they are likewise totally immersed in a military environment that…
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Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Children who hail or are from schools managed by the Department of Defense Education Activity or DoDEA have total advantages of being well disciplined, achievers and safety conscious. For aside from the fact that they are likewise totally immersed in a military environment that is structured to bring out the best from the innate capabilities of the students, the curriculum is designed to be challenging and exciting (Safe Schools Newsletter 7). The good discipline characteristics that usually exudes from students enrolled or who have studied at DoDEA institutions are based on the fact that instructors chosen by the military exerts more effort in inculcating discipline not only within the school staff and personnel but also to their students and their respective families as well. This consist of regular and standardized monitoring which is made along with counseling and follow-ups to impart appropriate and acceptable principles and behavior regarding family and community aspects (Andrew 1-2).
Relatively, children from DoDEA who are well disciplined also perform academically better than those of their counterparts in the local public schools since they are rigorously required to come up with the high standard of the school and excel in their marks (Randolph 1-2). Being an achiever is a by-product of DoDEA schools since students are encouraged to be their finest both in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Hence giving their best with the primary objective of having to excel (Brooklyn 1-4).
It also goes true that DoDEA students or children have a wholesome sense of security which really sets them apart from the students enrolled in conventional public schools. The inspiration of keeping themselves and their environment secure stems from the way the administration or management handles them once they go out of line from the pre-set standards and regulations of the school. The procedure that is often employed by the said schools starts from interviewing the wayward student, then consulting with the parents/guardians to discuss concerns on behavior in order to determine whether further mental or health evaluation is necessary (Safe Schools Newsletter 2). In this regard, the counselors within DoDEA schools are cautioned to refrain from emotional responses that may excite or anger the emotionally disturbed student. Such appropriate handling works in a way that the child will learn how to respond and react calmly when faced with distressing situations; and will normally facilitate retention of normality and self-respect so the troubled child can again be incorporated in the standard mainstream of classes and everyday life (Safe Schools Newsletter 2).
Additionally, formation or incorporation of oneself within a gang is curtailed at its early stages by the administration through employment of demanding and stimulating activities within the school curriculum. This generally diverts the attention of the students to more productive activities and objectives (Safe Schools Newsletter 2) making them good assets within the community.
The disadvantage of children who are or were enrolled in the DoDEA program normally lies in the fact that not all “troubled teens” need rigorous discipline and education. The “troubled teen” may actually be suffering from various learning handicaps and emotional problems which cannot be addressed by a military managed facility because it is not appropriately equipped to handle such cases (Admin 1 – 5) due to its “structured environment”. And because the school conforms to military standards, the freedom given to the teenagers is quite limited. It cannot be helped that most teenagers would like to express themselves more freely and will at times go against authority to make their point instead of simply accepting it. But such behavior is not acceptable within a DoDEA school since it mandates strict adherence to rules (Admin 1-5). Therefore, it is quite unfortunate for the teen that cannot come up with the said requirement and will eventually be expelled from the system. DoDEA children or teenagers who are expelled will likely suffer from more insecurities brought about by not being able to cope up with the military institution in the first place; and will be a starting point of other emotional and behavioral problems that will be more difficult to deal with as the child grows up (Admin 1-5).
Like most things in life, the choices made by children who are put through military structured schools are mainly influenced by the education and environment they were accustomed to. And this does not eliminate the reality that home life and family also affects their personality and achievements. While intellect and accomplishments are all fine, it is still essential that parents confirm their love and support to their children.
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