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Secretary of State for Defence - Essay Example

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The Secretary of State for Defence is the Cabinet Minister with the responsibility of making and executing Defence policy, as well as furnishing the means by which it is performed. He is Chairman of the Defence Council and of the Army Board, the Air Force and the Admiralty Board
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Secretary of State for Defence
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Download file to see previous pages But the following are particularly his responsibilities: operations; personnel; policy (together with nuclear questions and European defence, oversight of main acquisition questions as well as defence industrial problems; media and communications; finance and effectiveness)1 (Lachman, Camm, & Resetar, 2001, p.27).
Thus, the responsibility for soldier's deaths lies not only on Ms Molly Malone, in any case she shares it with the subordinate ministers (despite even the secretary's advice). Then if resigning, Ms Molly Malone should remind Opposition that she's not the only one responsible for the situation and, by the way, it is Opposition who has to control ministers' actions and to underline any kind of disadvantages before the action takes place and not after it.
But it's necessary to understand that this report is not going to defend indefensible behaviour. In our country, we have standards to keep up, and they will be kept up for sure. I'd like to speak about balance and fairness towards our soldiers.
Our purpose is, of course, to explain. ...
The soldiering has met some important and unparalleled changes recently.
I know for sure that the changes have made soldiers' life more difficult. Moreover, I'm sure we all need to understand it urgently. I'd like to show what these changes are. First, our context is understanding about what our armed forces do. You remember I think that the last conscript appeared the British armed forces forty-five years ago. But even since then our public have an instantly looser grasp of what it is to be a soldier in the new security environment we have today (Marcum, Weinstein, Hosek, & Thie, 2001, p. 89).
Just 45 years ago people had a personal experience in the armed forces (almost all men had at least a direct experience of soldier life through national service).
Today our Armed Forces possess the power and respect to assist in overcoming this lack of first hand experience. You know they are held in high regard and they have the chance to show to civilians the differences and advances to people's lives that the soldiers has performed.
And this is the situation in which we all have a part, in assisting to overcome the gap which divides military and civilian people. It would be enough to say here that it creates the context which makes it more complex to realize the changes which are taking place in the military struggles and how they impacts our soldiers (Asch, 2001, p. 17).
One of these changes is in the enemy we have. Our enemies in the 1st and 2nd World Wars wore the other uniform, but we were able usually to understand their aims and conduct. Our enemy then fought and had structure the way we did. But today's most dangerous, global enemy, (the enemy we face in our situation with soldier's deaths) the terrorist, does not.
Thus, UK soldiers have risked ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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