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Government accountability office - Essay Example

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In my opinion, I feel that the Department of Defence is doing a great job and is striving hard to accomplish its mission. Based on the missions and goals of the department in their government reports, the evaluation is given below. One of the primary missions of the Department of Defense (DOD) is to supply military forces necessary to provide security to the country and deterring war. …
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Government accountability office
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Download file to see previous pages The current goals and objectives of the Department of Defence are: a] To counter terrorism and irregular warfare, b] Deter and defeat aggression, c] Project power despite anti-access & area denial challenges, e] Counter weapons of mass destruction, f] Operate effectively in cyberspace and space, g] Maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent, h] Defend the Homeland and provide support to Civil authorities, i] Provide a stabilizing presence, j] Conduct stability and counter-insurgency operations and, k] Conduct humanitarian, disaster relief and other operations. 6. The department is organized as, a] the Office of the Secretary of Defence, b] the Department of the Army, b]the Department of the Navy, c] the Department of the Air Force, d] the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and e] Combat Commands [Africa, Central, European, Northern, Pacific, Southern, Special Operations, Strategic & Transportation ] 2 7. Overall, 3.5 million people work in the Department of Defence, including civilian employees. Navy=322,441 as of April 16, 2013; Army=480,000; Air Force=332,800 8. FY 2012 Budget Expenditures = $729 billion 9. FY 2013 Budget Appropriations = $672.880 billion 10. FY 2014 Budget Request = $613.9 billion 11. Five performance measures of the Department of Defence: 12. The Department currently has job opportunities in 3 broad categories. Active duty, Reserve and Civilian. In the first and second categories, opportunities exist for field operations, combat operations and support operations. Support operations include, administrative, housekeeping, engineering, and training functions. In the civilian category, opportunities exist for a wide range of functions, such as academic, cooking, housekeeping, accounting, maintenance, information management, recreation, logistics, construction, engineering, translating, clerical and administrative. 13. In my opinion, I feel that the Department of Defence is doing a great job and is striving hard to accomplish its mission. Based on the missions and goals of the department in their government reports, the evaluation is given below – One of the primary missions of the Department of Defense (DOD) is to supply military forces necessary to provide security to the country and deterring war. The headquarters of the Department of Defense is located at the Pentagon. The chief policy advisor to the President is the Secretary of Defense, who works in tandem with the Deputy Secretary who exercises authority in all military related matters. Being the world’s biggest employer, they also employ a huge Civilian force comprising of both men and women who are on active duty and serve in the National Guard and the Reserve forces. 3 The mission of the is to lend complete support to uphold the mission of the Department of Defense. Their duty is to provide accurate and timely information regarding the functions and operations, Defense policies and any other information regarding the Department of Defense, and this information, in turn is provided to military members and their families, DoD civilians, the news media, Congress and the general public of America. ‘The protection of the public fiscal is a matter that is of interest to every citizen”. (Brock v. Pierce County, 476 U.S. 253, 262 (1986) A Federal agency has the power to function to the extent authorized by law. Brock v. Pierce Co ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Government Accountability Office Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Government Accountability Office Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Government Accountability Office Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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