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Group dynamics have far reaching effects on individual future behaviors. These dynamics usually crop from group behavior. …
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Group Influence and Individuals Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the activities that may create group dynamics are participation in theatre plays, cinema watching, football or drug taking groups. This paper is therefore based on the hypothesis “the characteristics of an individual over time are highly shaped by group norms”. In light of the same, the paper will ratify this theme as related to small group interactions and their effects on people. It will also show observed characteristics of individuals in a group over time and effectively outlining the effective experiences in the group’s behavior in a given time. Characteristics of the Small Groups The members of the group in focus here are characters in the school basketball team. To the extent the team has achieved, they are seen as celebrities in the school since the team has progressively increased knowledge of the school name as it has been on a winning streak in very many competitions. The team is made up of around ten players who have a very cohesive group. Not all of them however walk and act together off the field. In the field however, the level of team work is extreme and this gives the exact meaning of group work. At the beginning of the term, there was a varied characteristic of the members as some were inward individuals who never had the slightest sense for someone else. This information was obtained at primary levels on the basis of having been friends with some of them privy to these games and joining of the team. As a fan of the game, there has been a close following of the events of the team and how the members have evolved over the given time. Moreover, some were very poor keepers of time and never punctual at any event or even class.
On joining the team at the beginning of the school session this term, each and every player was assigned a position and a role. This has been their contribution to the team. The team has developed a very functional; role differentiation that sees to it that all the members play a significant role in determination of the games that is being played. This is a team that is a collection of different individuals from different backgrounds. The coach must have assigned them a socio-emotional responsibility because the team has kept a very high moral fabric of itself. In the same way of maintaining a social fabric, the team has also developed group norms and values. These norms and values value created a value judgment on the team as not only being disciplined but also having acceptable social behaviors as rallying points for them. The communication patterns in the team have moved from a vague notion of merely general terms to a complex figurative language that is well understood on the court of play and pitch of practice (Gary). The communication has always been both decentralized and centralized. Centralized communication has mostly been used when they are on the court hence the developed figurative language. Being a public team, there has always been a decentralized in that there has to be continuous communications with the outsider spectators and cheering squads outside. So co-ordinated is the team that there are varied ways in which very outgoing members of the team are starting to behave. But even with all the communications and the concrete cohesive teamwork, there is the issue of status differentials. Apparently, all the players come from very different backgro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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