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African Diaspora in sports:sport of golf - Essay Example

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People engage in sports for different reasons.One may engage in sport to loose weight,to have fun,to win competitions.Furthermore,people engage in sports as way of living healthy.Golf is considered as one of the ball games that do not need a standardized playing area…
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African Diaspora in sports:sport of golf
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Download file to see previous pages People engage in sports for different reasons. One may engage in sport to loose weight, to have fun, to win competitions. Furthermore, people engage in sports as way of living healthy Golf is considered as one of the ball games that do not need a standardized playing area. However, the game is actually played on a golf course which consists of an arranged progression of either 9 or 18 holes. Every hole on the course needs to contain a ‘tee box’ to begin from together with a ‘putting green’ that contains the actual hole. The modern game of golf originated from Scotland in the 15 century, although there are still debates on its origin. The first written record of golf the banning of is James II in 1457 as an unwelcome distraction to learning society. The sport was also first played on Musselburgh Links, Scotland on March 1672, which is considered as the oldest golf course (Cochrane, p.3-4). The major championships include: The Open Championship, The U.S. Open, The Masters, and lastly, the PGA Championship (McGrath, McCormick and Garrity 12-14). The paper is going to discuss how Africans in diaspora have excelled in the sport of Golf with major reference to notable figures such as Tiger Woods, Lee Elder, Charlie Sifford, and Renee Powell among others, with their contribution to golf as well as Tiger Woods comparison to Michael Jordan. A view expressed by McGrath, McCormick and Garrity (p.12-13) observe that golf is regarded as a precision club and ball sport where the competing players make use of several kinds of clubs to hit the balls into a series of holes on a course utilizing the fewest number of strokes. ...
Many African Americans have graced the world of sports at top level. These athletes are referred Africans in diaspora because they descended from the historic movement of populace from Africa, predominantly to United States and Europe. With reference to golf, the most notable figure of African American origin in golf is Tiger Woods. Woods has had a significant impact in the sport of golf. This chain can be traced way back to Lee Elder who was the first African American to play in the Masters. Moreover, he was also the first American of African origin to participate in the Ryder Cup. From John Shippen, Renee Powell, Charlie Sifford, to Tiger Woods, African Americans have played a very considerable role in the growth and development of golf, both on and off the course. The emergence of Tiger propelled golf to the next level as he has dominated the golf sport up to date. Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods was born on 30th December 1975 in Cypress, California. His parents were African Americans (Savage 5). Tiger Woods is one of the most recognizable athletes of all time and has become the face of golf. Woods’ impact on the sport was immediate and permanent. Every year he continues to set new records across the history books of the sport of golfing. Woods turned professional in 1996 and by 1997 he had already bagged his first major trophy, the 1997 Masters in a record-breaking performance of only 12 strokes (21-23). He proceeded and attained the number one position in the world’s rankings by June 1997. All through the 2000s, Tiger Woods was a very dominant figure in the golf. He spent 542 weeks as the world number one (34-36). Besides, the ‘Tiger’ has won unprecedented 14 major golf championships, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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